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Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark rock, industrial, industrial metal


Band members:

Neill Devin
Niklas Kahl
Neno Knuckle
Marco Politi


Erdling was formed in 2014 by singer Neill Devin and drummer Niklas Kahl, as a promising, new brand Dark Rock band, to make the music heaven tremble. Reinforced by guitarist Neno Knuckle and Marco Politi on bass, Erdling are familiar to the scene, in their rhythmic battle of feelings. Accompanied by thundering guitars, bombastic arrangements and metaphorical lyrics that pull the Erdling through the darkest woods, deepest valleys and the largest mountains in order to share their works to new and old fans.

Their debut single in Dark-Rock genre shows that Erdling effectively combines deep emotions, hard sounds, expressive German-language lyrics and anthemic qualities.

Ex-Stahlmann-guitar-player Neill Devin is setting high standards for his new band Erdling (=earthling), right from the start. The debut single "Blitz und Donner" (=thunder and lightning) was graced with a massive production from Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost) at the renowned Chameleon Studios in Hamburg and is instantly captivating with an intriguing, yet catchy melody on a massive wall of guitars, thundering drums and fat electronic sounds, all culminating in a veritable battle cry of a chorus. The thunderstorm continues on the B-side-track "Firmament" and with two club-compatible remixes, the single also caters to the dance floors. With their thunderous anthem, Erdling embark on an irresistible tightrope walk between German-language Modern-Metal and Neue Deutsche Härte: An impressive debut that serves as a formidable appetizer for the first album "Aus den Tiefen", which will be coming our way soon.