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Ost+Front at M'era Luna 2015

Ost+Front at M'era Luna 2015

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic, industrial, industrial metal, metal


Band members:

Herrmann Ostfront
Otto Schmalzmann
Siegfried Helm
Wilhelm Rotlauf
Eva Edelweiß
Fritz Knacker


Ost+Front are on the march! With walls of guitars, massive electronica and sporting a look somewhere between Hellraiser and Mad Max, the Berlin based horde has set out to stir up the very foundations of the Teutonic Metal-scene.

Ost+Front are not afraid of offending anyone and everyone, they are heading out to polarize and to take things one step further where other bands draw back. The goal is not to provoke for provocation’s sake, though… Ost+Front aim to hit it where it hurts and to mirror society like a grinning jester from hell.

“Ave Maria” is a sonic crusade featuring songs that are as harsh as they are catchy: loud, brutal, honest, uncomfortable, yet irresistible. As a thunderstorm set to music, Ost+Front present themselves like the evil brother of the famous German band that has re-popularized the rolling “r” and take us to an apocalyptic world of masquerade, hatred, scorn and unbridled sins of the flesh. Beware! “Ave Maria” might offend you. “Ave Maria” will go under your skin. “Ave Maria” will make you question all you believe in. You will love it!