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Stoneman band

Stoneman HellhoundFest 09

Szwajcaria / Switzerland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic Metal, industrial, industrial metal


Band members:

Mikki Chixx - vox
Mr. Fly - guitar
Iron Cris - bass
Rico h - drums


When boys turn into men, they grow up. When Stoneman grows up, they are "human hater".

With their third, raw record full of yearning darkness, the No. 1 dark metal band of Switzerland has found its way back into the world of heavy sounds.

After starting the band in 2004, the four boys were driven by fast success and greed, and forgot to rely on their roots. A three-year creative break brought them back to their origin. Large tours around Europe with bands like the Deathstars, Impaled Nazarene, Xandria and Wednesday13 showed them, who they really were, who they wanted to be and especially who not.

The four musicians, all of them grown up in wealthy, modest Switzerland, were definitely not made to follow the rules of their environment, and when they started the band, trouble was predicted.

But things turned out very differently. After changing the bass player several times, touring for four long years and releasing two albums, Stoneman has created a masterpiece, a must-have for every metalhead. “human hater” is aggression, darkness, but also sticky esthetics. Want to find hate? You'll find hate, made with a lot of heart and musical understanding.

Do not go any further, listen to Stoneman!