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Warsaw Dark Electro Festival

2015-09-11 (Events)

HQ44 Music Agency and club Progresja gladly invite for first edition of Warsaw Dark Electro Festival.

Spiritual Front show CANCELED!

2015-09-10 (Events)

Spiritual Front show planned for Sept, 19th is canceled due to the health problems of one of the band members.

Infest 2016 confirmed!

2015-09-08 (Events)

The sounds of this year's edition of Infest festival still echoed through the halls of Bradford University, UK, when the next year's edition was confirmed.

XIV Wrocław Industrial Festival

2015-09-04 (Events)

It's going to be 14th edition of Wrocław Industrial Festival this year and once again in November Wrocław will become a place of meetings and exchanging information between fans and artists from all over the world. As every year the Gothic Room in the medieval building of former monastery will host both famous musicians and young artists introducing fresh ideas to industrial music.

Artrosis concert tour

2015-09-01 (Events)

Artrosis announces Autumn tour which will be promoting latest album "Odi Et Amo".

Folk Metal Crusade 2015, GRAI & Netherfell

2015-08-26 (Events)

On 29th August 2015 with the performance of GRAI - folk metal band from Russia and Netherfell at STADO festival, Folk Metal Crusade 2015 part II will be started and will last for two weeks. The army of folk-exreme musicians will rule the whole Poland reclaiming listeners into heavy folk sounds. The leaders of the crusade are, similarly to last year's edition, the already mentioned musicians from GRAI with two ladies. They will be accompanied by folk metalheads from Cracow - Netherfell. These two bands will share the stage with Black Velvet Band, Diaboł Boruta, Othalan, Open Access and many more in different venues.

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