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Front Fabrik Festival 2016

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The first edition of Front Fabrik Festival took place on 9th April in Cracow. The event "is made for fans by fans" and is devoted to industrial/EBM music. There was also offcial warm-up party a day before with Düsseldorf as the main star.
We reached the destination punctually only to see the festival in the middle of preparations. The organisers were running around putting things in particular places, taking other stuff away, standing on the ladders. The artists were sitting in the corner chatting and relaxing. There were some posters on the floor waiting to be signed. So, we spent the next hour watching the chaos being tranformed into the proper event.
The concerts began with Slovak duet The Opposer Divine. The musicians create slightly gloomy atmosphere and totally non divine sounds lead us into the world in which electronics is mixed with a certain dose of experiments. Dark melodies, cybernetic vocals and some ambient sounds result in intriguing experience. There are more and more people in the audience and it is easily noticeable that they enjoy the concert, so do the musicians.
The next concert starts with "Happy birthday" and a birthday cake for the drummer – such a situation. La Santé, because they are now on the stage introduces slightly different atmosphere. Much more energetic and danceable rhythyms make the audience dance. Supporting fans were cheering and the musicians did their best. The voice of the vocalist seduces and the drummer makes this flame burn brighter.
After that, there’s a time for Swedish Astma. Now, it’s clear EBM focusing on some old school sounds. Somehow it sounds sinisterly and distantly. Still it makes people dance. Rather cool image, heavy sound and audience satisfied. There’s nothing to critisise.
 Jäger 90 is absolute revolution. The musicians appear on the stage with the melody of " In the hall of the mountain king" in the background. They use real drums. And the vocalist is probably the most jumping one ever.  Charismatic, full of positive energy, dancing in an absolutely weird way and finally tearing his shirt – he’s a true showman. It’s hard to stand still. Power.
Terminal State changes the atmosphere all over again. Interestingly, these are the musicians from The Opposer Divine but the guys change their roles now. The vocalist becomes the keyboardist and the keyboardist is now the vocalist. Apparently, the musi cis different. It’s much more dynamically, not so much ambient and a bit unreal.
Finally the time for the last performer – Dive. Minimalistic image is of the artist is a total opposition to what is going on in terms of music. Experimental sounds, pulsating rhythyms, distortions and all other stuff create a very specific experience. It’s hard to find a proper word to describe, you should be there to understand.
After the concerts there was after party. For those who wanted some souvenirs there was a merch stand with losts of different things. I think nobody regrets taking part in the event and I hope Front Fabrik Festival will continue for many years.

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