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Interview with Diary of Dreams

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This interview is absolutely special and exclusive and all copyrights belong to Ukrainian Promotion (Diary Of Dreams & Diorama)! 
Big thanks to Daria & Mary for giving us a permision to use it :).

Diary Of Dreams have many fans around the world,it..s not a secret. I think sometimes you have interesting moments with them. Tell us some of them. Maybe any strange gifts?

---Unfortunately I haven..t any strange gifts,but I get very wonderful gifts. It was very sweet at my last birthday. Was very funny when I came to the office. My colleague showed me so many parcels that I recieved for my birthday. It took me an evening to open all the presents. I have never get so much presents ever. It was really amazing. I have to say that it is a fact that I get very different gifts : special books,DVDs,different boxes,hand-made T-shirts. i just got 3 T-shirts from designers. They made that shirts just for me. It was very pleasant for me. And I..m wearing 1 right now. It is really cool. And what about special moments in general with fans...I can say we have them often,because it is very huge varieties,differences in the audience First of all -in age Second-style They all have really different jobs.It is very amazing,people with huge intellect. We have artists,painters among them. Btw one painter from Scandinavia wants to have a picture of me (a portrait).It is very funny,you know. But I..m looking for the result :). I..m getting a lot of complains from younger persons. They are not permited to go to the concerts because they are so young. Of course I have some specific examples which are probably private. I think not only I deserve privacy,but those persons deserve privacy too. I don..t want make them look like teenies.

As far as I know many fans noticed that your music become more dark with years. What should your fans wait from Diary Of Dreams in future? Maybe something absolutely another or something more dismal?What can you say about it?

---Ok. The first thing that I always find interesting for me is that many people say that we become more darker. I don..t feel it at all.I would told-I disagree. I think the first 2 albums are the darkest I ever did. Of course everybody decided to themselves. But in my opinion it..s a graphic design.It really becomes darker.And I think that the true sense is a combination of music and graphics. In the past,in the early days,the design was very melancholic,very sad,very romantic. And that didn..t express as much darkness as "Nigredo" and "Menschfiend"..."Nekrolog 43". 

Now we can see simple appearance of Diary Of Dreams on the stage. But fans who likes you during many years remember the band with black latex clothes on. How can you explain it? Is it not such important as earlier now?

---I think the most important thing is to get together with the music concept and with changing your record sound.The same is with visual appearance and nothing more boring in yourself. changing from album to album....graphic appearance and everything else.... Every tour has a different look. And we never have the same stuff before. It is very important for me. Next must be very different again. * waiting for it very much..(c)(Author)* - *laughing* ..I..m waiting it too :) . But I have a lot af work to do. We try to show everything beetwen all parts of our album...which means: photo,graphic design,sounds,lyrics,background information,booklet pictures..everything. It all must connected with each other.

Your DVD brought much joy to your fans.Are you going to something like this in future? Any video projects?

---Oh..It takes really much time to make a DVD. I don..t think that will be another DVD very soon...We are working at our album...

There are a lot of good bands at your record label (Accession Records)..*It is a little complement from me (c)(Author)* So,how did you found them or maybe they found you? Tell us about it.

---Thanx for the complement :). Of course you must imagine that every band has it..s own story. I can give you some examples if you want. Want it? ;) One of the latest examples was with "SILENCE". This band I heard in the car. It was their latest album. And I said:"This is probably the best music I heard in many many years... Who is it?".I typed them in Google and found. In some time I got contact with the band.They told me that they are looking for a record label..The beginning of our work was hard. It was a very long process. They are very preside about different things. It took a long time when we worked about details. Than we did a couple concerts together. That was basically beginning with "SILENCE". And now is quiet interesting example for is Diorama story :). I got the tape with a letter one day. It was 1997-1998 I think. I t was Torben. I got this tape shortly before we went on the bus for a concert. I have this tape with me. So I turn it on. It sounded very well though it was a demo tape. You could hear that it was a lot of heart and passion in the music. I called him immediately and his mother took a phone. Must say that she is wonderful lady! Than we had a conversation with Torben. We decided to meet.That was the 1 step... 

Have you any plans to make a song with one of the band (from Accession Records) in future? 

---Well..I did few collaborations in the past. I did it with Gaun:A and Painbastard. Wanna say that it is not really for me. I prefer to do that by myself.I don..t like to work with much projects. Also it is one of the main reason why I never do remixes. The reason of it is that I can spend all this time on Diary Of Dreams. And when I sit down to make music I really want to make it for Diary of Dreams. 

Tell us about your new keyboarder. Who is he? Will he stay in a band for a long time or he just take this place temporarily?

---Taste it is his name.He is a new member of Diary Of Dreams. He is very talented and very skilled. Actually comes from South Germany. He is studying vocals and piano at the music school. You know,Torben was always a part of Diary Of Dreams since 1999 I think..In 2000 he has his first tour with DOD. And since that time he has always been on the stage for a while,out the stage for a while,behind the curtain and in front the curtain. But he has his own life,his own band. There are always a lot of aspects for a musician to change his life style. And next year DOD will play about 60 shows,and it is impossible for Torben to do. We had to decide - must we cancel all the concerts when Torben is unavailable or look for another person? So we done the search and found Taste. It..s very cool. So in future everything is possible.I..m absolutely sure that Torben will be on the stage again someday,but nobody knows when.... 

What plans and dreams did you have in your youth or childhood? What future did you see for yourself? Maybe you wanted to get any profession except musician?

---Oh. When I was very very young my biggest dream was to work with dogs. I always was obsessed with animals. And when I was 8-9 years old I wanted to be a drummer. That was my biggest dream at that time and soon I noticed that my mother was not agree with it :). She didn..t want to have any drums in the house. She asked me to play guitar and I started to do it since 9 years old. And wanna say that never ever I wanted to be anything else that a musician. I remember in school my father came to me and ask to find the way that I want to be in future.What I want to study or get job.. -"What do you want to do?" And I said : "Ow...I wanna do music!" -"Anything else?" -"No..." When I finished school I had some jobs. And ,besides,I did nothing but music,music,music.... And worked hard for very many years. My dream always was to be able to survive with music. You know,and my really biggest dream comes true!

What things can you call "Unexplainable" ?

---I think the most interesting thing is to look at the unexplainable behaviour of the human kind. I think that is the biggest mystery on this planet. I really try to look deep into the philosophy of human. That is something that I find very shocking. I think everytime will be things that we can..t explain.The human kind invents a lot of things and gives a lot of names to the things that they don..t really know at all. One example. We say "Universe is endless" And yet we are not sure what the word "endless" means. How can we know what is it if we haven..t seen it. We need to explain everything and we must to live with many unexplainable things. We spend our life time searching for the sense of life. And maybe we don..t need to have a sense of life? Just enjoy it. And the next biggest example is-Why we are scared about death if we are unsure what is it? It is simple... Because church told us many things over centuries.Can say that they put some kind of image of death into our heads. It..s like virus. And if you look at another cultures far away cultures...they haven..t seen death as a torture. In my eyes it is more comfortable.

Ok. You are not agree with modern society in so many things.So if it will be possible what place or age for life would you choose and why?

---Difficult question..... I..m very unsure,but I definitely would not be in future. I think the future will not be very funny on this planet. Almost every army in every country is making many tests on nature power,like storms,rains...ect. in order to use them as weapons!!! I think we all will punished for everything,brobably by nature itself. Every time have it..s problems. I know this time, so I think I deserve to be who I am *laughing* . I wouldn..t choose any another time,I think.

Do you have any fears in your life now?

---Oh,I think every person have fears. It sounds silly,but it is the death of my dog,because he is very old. He is my best friend. He will not be alive very much longer.Maybe 6 month...maybe a little bit longer. That is probably the biggest fear at the moment.

What places do you like most of all?

---I have been in 36 countries. With Diary of Dreams been in 27 countries,I think. It..s difficult to make a Top list,but I..m not a very big fan of hot weather,I like cold. And I would say that Iceland is my fav place. 

And what about places which you didn't visit,but want?

---New Zealand,Australia,Canada... And next year I..m going to return to Iceland for 2 or 3 weeks.

Tell us some words about your last trip to Iceland.

---Wanna say that it is amazing place.You can look at every place and it is beautiful. We made a couple thousands of pictures there. The people are very friendly and polite. When you go to a huge city you can see that people are very aggressive. We had taxi drivers that didn..t allow Gaun:A to drive in a taxi. We waited for 45 minutes and tell that he is not going to make a hole in the cab. With his hair he didn..t want him in his car. It isn..t a joke! For me it is very strange. And when we go to such places as Iceland we are trying to be very conservative,because people are very secluded. And you can understand why they can be scared. It is expected. And they were not! When we went in the town,came back from the shooting, with make up,hair done, in all the clothes from the "Nigredo" shooting. And people looked just for a second...) It was really cool.

What about Diary Of Dreams in the internet? (web site,myspace)

---I noticed that Diary of Dreams.. web page and myspace page are really different.If people want to attack me personally,they always use a web site,because they can send me massages without leaving their names and adresses. At the myspace comments are usual more better. It doesn..t mean that they are all super positive...Lately getting a lot of strange mails which ,unfortunately, are not from DOD fans..but from another individuals which have some sort of problems with me. They write that i..m sick-mind.Some think that I should go to the prison. They really don..t like me. *laughing*

What kind of fans do you want to see around Diary Of Dreams?

---I would like to see people that think twice before they make up their mind about this planet,about people on this planet. And think twice when they walk across the street and see things which are not right. To think twice about animals. About the way we treat animals. And of course see intelligent and kind people in the audience is very nice. Sometimes I get a lot of mails and a lot of letters with positive massages where people tell me what Diary of Dreams means to them. I think you can..t choose your fans,but I must say that I really proud that we have a lot of very wonderful people in the audience. And that..s not normal! It is really not. I mean sometimes it..s difficult because fans put so much heart and faith in their emotions. After every show we go to the audience and meet a lot of people,talk to them. 

Privat and BIG thanx to Adrian ...))) Daria & Mary

Ukr Promotion (Diary Of Dreams & Diorama)
Translator: Gosh_Absi
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