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Jesus On Extasy

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Jesus On Extasy
Jesus On Extasy

Jesus On Extasy
Jesus On Extasy

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electronic, Gothic, industrial, industrial rock


Band members:

Dorian Deveraux
Chai Deveraux
Ophelia Dax


Today, only a few years after the beginning of the new millennium, there are increasing signs of change in many areas. Faltering social systems, a society that has gone slightly haywire, a state of emergency in education and crises in the cultural industry provide ample reason for pessimism. At the same time, a climate of change is once more bearing artistic fruit, in artists such as Jesus on Extasy.

When vocalist and pianist Dorian Deveraux and guitarist Chai founded the band in Germany's Ruhr region back in 2005, they decided to dedicate themselves to nothing less than revolutionising a genre which had used itself up. They felt that industrial music, originally the soundtrack of the machine age, had become obsolete with the demise of the heavy industries. The time had arrived for sounds which combined the decay, which was perceptible all over the Ruhr, with euphoric elements - in other words, for Jesus on Extasy's hedonistic mix of post-industrial and glam rock.