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Norwegia / Norway

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
industrial, industrial rock


Band members:

Alex Møklebust -  vocals
Dan Heide - guitars
Kim Ljung - bass, vocals
Lorry Kristiansen - synths
Noralf Ronthi - drums


The new flavor of the 2000 was by no doubt the Norwegian electronic rock band, ZEROMANCER.
They were rewarded best newcomer in Germany at the GAMA awards the same year and received unanimous acclaim for their debut album, “Clone Your Lover”. It all started a year before when Alex Møklebust, Noralf Ronthi, Kim Ljung, Erik Ljunggren and Chris Schleyer formed the band in Los Angeles. They all shared the vision of creating a melodious blend between industrial programming and rock.

Their follow up album, “Eurotrash” (2001) was another eye-opener, and included the hit singles, “Dr Online” and “Need You Like A Drug”. The album received a warm welcome by the press and by their fast growing fan base. Their reputation as an extraordinarily live act with their intense presence and a rare dynamic energy, skyrocketed and by now Zeromancer headlined their own European tours.

Zeromancer then invaded the US and got a stronghold with their third album “ZZYZX” in 2003. The title inspired by a mysterious place out in the Californian desert named the last place on earth.

Then they sealed it off with their biggest European tour to date and decided to leave the spotlight for a while. Two years later Alex Møklebust, Noralf Ronthi and Kim Ljung reunited with their former band, Seigmen. Known as the biggest alternative rock act throughout the previous decade in Norway.

Now however is the time for Zeromancer’s return to grace!

The two new members Dan Heide and Lorry Kristiansen replacing Chris Schleyer and Erik Ljunggren, making Zeromancer now a full blooded Norwegian movement. With their new album, “Sinners International” the expectations are huge as ever taken their high standards concerning melodic finesse and production. But nothing tells you these guys have to worry. With extensive experience on their hands regarding studio work, they have maneuvered it all from the recording process to the mix. “Sinners International” is produced by Zeromancer, and is engineered and mixed by Alex Møklebust. Meaning it’s a totally self-made album from beginning to end. Something Zeromancer actually have wanted to do since the first album, but never dared to.
The depth, the edge and the intensity of “Sinners International” tells you they are still the band to beat in this genre!

Well here it is; “The Death of Romance” - a monumental portrait of loss, wrath and desire. Zeromancer's fifth album is, in many ways, their self-titled album. It's barely a year ago since they released their long awaited and highly acclaimed, “Sinners International”.
As with “Sinners International” they have kept the same impressive strategy by producing, recording and mixing the album themselves. It's still unmistakably Zeromancer with their combination of catchy hook lines and striking melodies in a vast violent and desolate landscape. “The Death of Romance” is following in the steady footsteps of “Sinners International” and with even clearer manifestation of the in-your face attitude.

“The Death of Romance” sounds like a band in total control and on top of their career releasing their own memoirs. It is a flawless construction of a sweat-inducing industrial earthquake and a large dollop of passion. 10 years ago Zeromancer breathed new life into the alternative dark wave scene in Europe.