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Nachtmahr at M'era Luna 2015

Nachtmahr at M'era Luna 2015

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, industrial


Band members:

Thomas Rainer


„I only have one interest: I don't care if you live or die: I just wanna see you dance!“ This is the motto that made Thomas Rainer create his new musical project Nachtmahr in 2007. After the Austrian artist has achieved worldwide success with L’Ame Immortelle and Siechtum in the past 11 years, he returns to his roots: the boiling dancefloors of industrial and goth clubs alike.

Inspired by numerous years as a DJ, Nachtmahr is the missing link between merciless and provocative Industrial and the hammering power of Techno. The first release “Kunst ist Krieg” and it’s club hit “BoomBoomBoom” instantly conquer the dancefloors worldwide.

With the release of the full-length album “Feuer frei!” the success of the EP was exceeded by far: Germany’s biggest and most influential dark music magazine Orkus quoted: “This is the new standard for the electro industrial genre” and the club single “Katharsis” dominated the clubs for months.

The new album entitled “Alle Lust will Ewigkeit” continues in the uncompromising and relentless path of destruction the Austrian Industrial project has chosen: heavy distorted beats, driving basslines and addictive melodies to pave the way to total club domination.

In 2016 comes the new Nachtmahr record "Kampfbereit" ("Ready for combat") is heralding a return to the apocalyptic din of the project's early releases and is shrouding the aggressive title in an industrial colossus. More than ever before in its provocative career, Nachtmahr is the nightmare personified for all those numerous people who are painfully aware of merely having jumped aboard this monstrous TBM train. It is the metallic noise of resistance. It is the wailing outcry of the sirens. It is the thundering bellow of a thousand marching boot. It is superiority's very own music. "Kampfbereit" is uniting the memorable songwriting of the later efforts with the sound of the early works to a bloody bond of Imperial Industrial. It is the very essence, the sum of all this project ever stood for, is standing and will stand, additionally strengthened by a relentlessly precise production handled by Krischan Wesenberg - Rotersand. Resistance is futile.

"Mit vereinten Kräften" (With joint forces) - a statement that couldn't fit better to the global Nachtmahr army and is now becoming the title of a very special release. Thomas Rainer once again summons his international troops to thank them for their fidelity and to build them a monument perpetually claiming that Nachtmahr is much more than a project, much more than an idea. Armed with cover versions done by close friends, passionate fans or long-time collaborators and stunningly visualized by you, the Nachtmahr soldiers.
Sure enough, also "Mit vereinten Kräften" is unleashing an aural force that will once again convulse the scene. Shiv-R have a go at "Rise and Fall", Lolita Komplex turn "I believe in Blood" into a massive Goth Rock anthem, Phosgore take no prisoners with their rendition of "Wir sind die Toten", Gregor Beyerle, one of the fixed stars in the Nachtmahr universe, showcase his production talent with "Ich bin", Extize are all about the "Filles en Uniforme".
A total of 17 projects sinks their teeth into Nachtmahr tracks from all eras and unearth some surprising and hidden facets that once again bear testimony to how much prowess really lurks in vocalist's battle cries.

But Thomas Rainer kept going. With every new album, every EP, every gig he proved iron will and constancy, prevailed – and forever changed the antics of the Gothic scene with his art, his aesthetics and his apocalyptic sound like few did before him. His artworks, the uniforms, the panache and the linguistics established a fashion of its own, a unique feature by which his troops were instantly recognizable. Now he is looking back at his hitherto campaigns for the very first time. A better name than "Unbeugsam" is hardly imaginable for this first extensive retrospective.