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Return to the Bat Cave Festival

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Wroclaw, November 30. Saturday night typical for this time of the year. The weather may be not as inviting to leave home - cold, windy and rainy. However, this evening, in one of the clubs the temperature substantially increased.

"Return To The Bat Cave" is a regular event which for the fifth time offered the opportunity to move the participants into the beginning of the 80s. This time it took the form of a mini festival where in a genuine atmosphere of the legendary London Batcave some really good music was served to us - crazy, bizarre and very twisted. As we could read in the description promoting the event - music from circles known as post-punk, cold wave, deathrock, gothic-punk, gothabilly and other similarly weird and experimental music genres, as well as those of a lighter kind, having their direct roots in the 80s of the twentieth century and whose common denominator are the words "art" and "fun".

It’s difficult to disagree with this description. Practically passing the threshold of Wroclaw’s Liverpool one could feel that it would be a great evening. The list of bands was filled with some interesting names. The first to grace us with their presence were gentlemen of the Augen X band. They created a very intriguing atmosphere on the stage, a mesmerizing mix of horror, psychedely and madness that particularly hits many tastes. The singer's image and his unique stage moves against the background inscription "Ian said: dance" will stay in the participants' heads for a long time. A great plus also for descending from the stage and attempting to make the audience jump.
Then the stage was set for Nacht und Nebel band. The relatively young band that is doing really quite well. Their music clearly originates from the classic punk-rock and new wave. Marvelously sounding bass and Polish and German lyrics. The ensemble clearly swept the audience into trance dance.
After a short break Wieże Fabryk, a band from Łódź, came onto the stage. These men probably need no introduction. The quintessence of cold wave style - motor drums, unique bass sound and powerful, fierce vocals. The audience had a blast. A few beers spilled over the floor. As you might guess, there just had to be an encore.
Next in line was formation This Cold which performed with a small, personal change that evening. For health reasons, the singer had to be replaced. I admit that the girl that filled in coped well. Despite the extremely short time to prepare for the show (they had two days for this) the band was very warmly received by the audience. Their performance was enriched with one additional touch - Alexey Protasov associated with the band Ambassador21. He was diagnosed with throat cancer. To reassure him and create a sort of good omen for the planned operation, the gathered people were asked for a toast to his health. The whole thing was recorded on a short movie that can be found on Ambassador21 profile on Facebook.
Another notable band was none other than The Proof. If one would be guessing, blindfolded, who was playing, it'd seem obvious - The Cure. Mesmerizing, gothic vocals confusingly sounded in the ears as if Robert Smith was there on stage. Gentlemen of The Proof gathered a large audience which for an hour had the pleasure to sway to the death rock sounds.
The last two bands of the evening were Velvet Condom and Soror Dolorosa. Two great French formations. In the case of Velvet Condom the room was filled with typically cold, distinctive, synthetic sounds and noisy guitar. The concert part of that evening was closed with the aforementioned band, Soror Dolorosa. With an overall fatigue and an extreme dose of sensations it was light and pleasant to listen to them. Music tinged with death rock, cold wave and gothic atmosphere. The band proved to be the perfect culmination of Bat Cave. For the tenacious the party still contained afterwards. Five DJs and a vision of a hot, as for the end of November, night

The fifth edition of the Bat Cave has proved to be extremely successful. Raised this time to the status of a mini festival, it seems to grow still. If anyone ever wondered whether to attend spontaneously that party - I thoroughly recommend! The climate of the event attracts a lot of cool, equally climatic people, bands, and if it'll continue to keep up the level - it'll guarantee a dose of great fun.
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