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Star Industry

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Star Industry
Star Industry

Star Industry
Star Industry

Belgia / Belgium

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic Rock


Band members:

Peter Beckers - vocals, guitar
Xavier "Pssyche" Vranken - becking vocals, guitar
Stijn "Stign" Kuijpers - bass
Kurt Lantin - drums


This Belgian gothic rock band saw the light of day somewhere in 1996. The year after that they entered the studio to come out of it with the first CD “Iron Dust Crush”. Immediately they gained a lot of positive response in the press all over Europe. This resulted in their first festivalgigs in Germany, Belgium and the UK. The song 'Nineties' topped the alternative charts in Israel and is even now still a dancefloorfiller in alternative clubs.

During the summer of 1999 the “New Millennium E.P.” was released on that years Eurorock festival in Belgium. Followed in 2001 by the full CD “Velvet”. This was the period where Star Industry played a lot of big festivals.

On the 20th of April 2007 Star Industry released an even darker and more powerfull album, ”Last Crusades”. Massive drumwork and strong cold guitars are again succesfully combined with strings and electronica.
Given in 2008 year album "Black Angel White Devil" combines the band's timeless classic hits like "Nineties", "Ceremonial", etc. with their most recent successes from the "Last Crusades" album like "Out Of My Head", "Pray" and their cover of Depeche Mode's excellent "Enjoy The Silence". A nice present to the band's ever growing fanbase before the release of their follow-up album.

"The Renegade" is a 10-track 5th full length album on which Star Industry once again reunify their faithful gothic rock fanbase with characteristic anthems mixing distinct piano lines, incisive catchy synth melodies, powerful guitar parts and above all, Peter Beckers' choruses. "The Renegade" brings us on an amazing journey throughout the melodic sounds of the eighties, the incisive guitar sound of the nineties while keeping us within the electronic mood of the 21st century modernity and a less-is-more songwriting approach. Star Industry successfully managed once again marrying darkness and melody, force and beauty on a homogeneous yet still diversified masterpiece that will perfectly work in club parties and on stage.