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In Strict Confidence

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In Strict Confidence
In Strict Confidence - Love Kills!

In Strict Confidence
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Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, darkwave, ebm, industrial


Band members:

Dennis Ostermann.
Nina de Lianin.
Jörg Schelte.
Stefan Vesper.
Haydee Sparks.


And the day came when it was not enough to just consume music anymore. In 1989/90 one decided to be creative themselves and to take first steps towards the creation of own music. At that time Jörg Schelte and Dennis Ostermann were accompanied by Stefan Vesper, who is today very successful in the field of experimental trance ( Another member was Thomas Steiger, who, despite his seperation from the actual band further on in the future, stayed a constant companion - not in a creative way though, but e.g. in taking care of the fans. With regard to the music one seperated from the formar quartet "Seal of Secrecy", whose light dimmed therefore, and shrank to a creative duo.

After an initial period of experimenting, the unique sound of ISC developped more and more and was opened to a limited public through a first self-released cassette and first live performances. For example in 1994 the double-cassette "Hell inside / Hell outside" was published, which had been recorded at the monastary in Höchst and meanwhile has advanced to a popular collector's item.

As a result the attention of first record companies was drawn to ISC, but it took more than a year from the fist offer until finally an appropriate partner was found: the label Zoth Ommog. In 1996 one could hold the first piece of silver "Cryogenix" in the hands, from which songs like "Become An Angel", "Inside" and "Sudorific" quickly found their way into the hearts of the scene.

Unbelieving one received the message from the record company that the first printing was completely sold out only one week after having been released. At that time the band hadn't even started to work on "Collapse", an EP-CD to follow the first one up and to go on the first independent tour through Germany. For this ISC spontaniously worked up the song "Dementia", which originated from the starting time of the band and was released as a tour-edition on 7inch vinyl then.

Just before that, first offers from America concerning a licence-deal had been submitted, of which Metropolis Records obtained the contract in the end. This way the material was also made available for an enthusiastic public over there. "Face The Fear" was the name of the second regular album that placed ISC finally at the spearhead of the European electro-wave scene in 1998. Songs like "Industrial Love", "Hidden Thoughts" or "Alles In Mir" established themselves firmly in the club scene and one followed up with a limited double-cd with remixes of "Industrial Love" and "Prediction", for which bands like "X marks the pedwalk", "VNV Nation" or "Melotron" could be found.

Meanwhile the "friendship" to the record company was destroyed over disregarded payment agreements, until both parties - with the help of energetic laywers - went separate ways in 1999.

Still during the same year ISC performed their first overseas concerts, in the USA, together with the band "Das Ich", with whom one was friends for already quite a while - and was exposed to a real adventure for four weeks.

A new millennium was dawning and the band changed over to the freshly founded label Bloodline. The course continued with the pre-released single "Kiss Your Shadow" in January 2001, followed by the third album "Love Kills!", which placed ISC on the number-one-position in the Deutsche-Alternative-Charts (DAC) for the first time. It even became the most successful album in the years' review right behind "The Cure". Also the second released single "Zauberschloss" stood it's ground at the peak-position for many weeks.

The accompanying tour through Germany in September 2000 left an unforgetalble and beautiful impression, how successful and harmonic an independent tour can be.

Since 2001 one of the founding fathers, Stefan Vesper, has rejoined the team and has started contributing creative elements to the songwriting for future productions and has begun to provide new accents as a drummer during the live-presence.