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Krystal System

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Krystal System
Krystal System band

Krystal System
Krystal System

Francja / France

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, electro, industrial


Band members:

Bonnie - Vox, guitars
N° 7 - Vox, synths & machines


Once upon a time in Paris, on a cold and rainy day of April 2006, two French artists were not aware that the decision they just made would rapidly transform their life. Bonnie and N°7 decided to unite their talent to become Krystal System

Their boiling creative flow quickly profiled the duo as a band knowing no limits, no taboo, no compromise… They just went where their revolting music carried them, led by a subconscious attraction towards darkness and mysticism.

Their alchemy resulted with an eclectic and boosted combination of music genres ranging from dark elektro, cold wave, industrial rock and metal. Open your mind, try to imagine the impossible and you will begin to understand what this French band is all about: take Lush’s sensual indie pop tone, a touch of BirthdayI Massacre’s goth metal femininity, inject a dose of Rammstein’s heavy guitar riffs and straight attitude. Pour all these influences into a mélange of dark elektro sequences and upbeat electro beats, along with Bonnie’s provocative vocals in French and English, and you are ready to embark on Krystal System;

Krysta System belong to this new futuristic gang of talented artists who certainly make it difficult for journalists to put a specific label on their music, calling it electro metal, industrial rock, cold pop or whatever. This duo from Paris will find a perfect place in the Alfa Matrix family just between Helalyn Flowers, Tamtrum, Trisomie 21 and I:Scintilla.