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ГРАЙ - O Земле Родной (About native land)

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In a search of new bands I accidentally came across Grai. Currently it is hard to find the complete from the beginning to the end album, including an overview of the culture, beliefs and instruments of particular country. The first thing that gave me hope was the stage image of the group, referring to the music they create.
Album "O Земле Родной" has a lot of energy itself and mostly cheerful and lively compositions. The strongest points are beautiful vocal lines and gentle female voices. The rest of the band plays undoubtedly most correctly and do not cover up the flute, which is in my opinion the most important on the album. Percussion in many parts of works as in power metal, but it is not a mistake in this case, but a giving of a pleasant pace. Guitar riffs are typical for Eastern folk rhythmic and simple. Lyrics are about the native land of the group, as the album’s title suggests.
Title track engages by its simplicity of communication. Perfectly well balanced between catchy melody, and almost crushing vocals. Each instrument plays there perfectly, and the guitar solo complements with the flute’s energy, creating a poetic picturesque of golden fields and lush grasses. Definitely my number 1 on the album, as well as in the works of the group.
 Then you can listen to the record conceptually and pieces do not stand out with the sound. This is not a negative feeling, Grai simply created good and even music. With some surprise in several pieces we can find masculine, powerful vocals, which slightly strengthens the entire composition. What is interesting it is not a guest, but bassist. Lyrical layer does not knock down, after further pieces I expected a little more. Nevertheless they are interesting and varied, and only after analyzing I claim that the lyrics are quite brief. It is impossible to avoid comparisons to other bands of this trend, hence there is a bit of  deficiency. Descriptions of nature are very complex, I will gladly hear more about some specific events such as e.g. famous battles. One thing is certain, "O Земле Родной" has its own, original atmosphere, which consistently holds. Each of the compositions is successful, and among them, it is worth noticing swaying "Зимняя сказка" and "Уходи далёко, горе". For admirers of battlefield tracks are "Воин храбрый", "ясный сокол" and "Вставай с колен".

Grai is in my opinion the rising star of Russian folk metal. Hope that outside the mainstream lead of pretentious music of northern-viking style, in a style of Alestorm, will be possible to hear in Poland something fresh and closer to our roots. It is hard to look for a successor for Masha from Arkona, but Russians have a lot of vocal forces and hopefully I will more than once review band from that land. Great bow for the creation of this album.


01. O Земле Родной
02.  Пшеничная
03. Зимняя сказка
04. Весна
05. Средь лесов
06. Лешак
07. Уходи далёко, горе
08. Плач о долюшке
09. Воин храбрый, ясный сокол
10. Вставай с колен
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