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Alternative blog Silver Wolfie
Blog about photography, alternative fashion, asian cosmetics and web stores.

Language(s): polish and english // Visits: 234 // Author: xbatgirlx
Gothic, industrial, electronic, music, culture, entertainment

Language(s): Portuguese // Visits: 1015 // Author: Marcus ASBarr
Carpe Noctem
Polish literature portal.

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 1108 // Author: mashenah
DarkMouth - the official gallery for the artwork of Kara, a professional commercial illustrator and graphic designer specializing in the realm of dark horrific imagery and surreal compositions.

Language(s): English // Visits: 1541 // Author: Vort
Déjà-mort is a French neologism, analogous to well-known déjà-vu. Could be translated as "just dead", or even "illusion of things, that are already dead".

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 1057 // Author: semi android
Foobar2000 is an advanced audio player for the Windows platform.

Language(s): English // Visits: 1458 // Author: Dobermann
H.R. Giger
H.R. Giger - official website of the Swiss artist.

Language(s): English, German // Visits: 1761 // Author: Vort
Joe Hill Fiction
Joe Hill (son of Stephen King) official website.

Language(s): English // Visits: 1019 // Author: mashenah
Neuroshima - site about Polish postnuclear roleplaying game inspired by legendary cRPG Fallout

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 1474 // Author: Vort
The website of the NYC2123:Dayender graphic novel, telling a cybernanostory straight from the 22nd century.

Language(s): English // Visits: 1250 // Author: Vesper
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