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6. CoCArt Music Festival

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The last weekend of February 2014 is the date of the next edition of CoCArt Music Festival!
Organised periodically in CSW in Toruń, the festival will not disappoint you. Av every year you will get a chance to see for yourself that CoCArt is a real feast for the fans of electronic and electroacoustic music. The sixth edition is going to take place in the biggest place in Centrum namely in the collonaded hall on the fisrt floor.
The schedule goes as follows:

Day 1 - 21st Feb 2014 time: 7:00pm
Piotr Kurek (PL)
Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim (DE)
Innercity Ensemble (PL)
Bernd Klug (AT)
Bocian Records (PL)

Day 2 - 22nd Feb 2014 time: 7.00pm
Francisco López (SP)
Mia Zabelka (AT)
Jason Kahn (CH)
Wilhelm Bras (PL)
Witold Oleszak/Adam Gołębiewski (PL)

Fringe events:
20th Feb 2014 -concert: Micromelancolié (PL), Dom Muz, ul. Podmurna 1/3, time: 7:00pm
21st Feb 2014 - chillout room, Klub Tantra, ul. Ślusarska 5, time 11.59pm
22nd Feb 2014 - sound workshops, Francisco López (SP)
22nd Feb 2014 - after party, NRD, ul. Browarna 6, time 11.59pm

Festival curators: Rafał Iwański i Rafał Kołacki
Tickets: 25/40 PLN. (one-day/carnet), available in box office in CSW.
Author: Artemistress
Translator: morrigan
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