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40 minutes of well-crafted, coherent and smooth guitar and drums inferno. Downwards spiral into the abyss of existence, nightmares and seaside. The waves were there alright. A high tide, I’d say. And if it’s sleep that makes those waves than the sound built on it must knock you down senseless and keep you on the ground for long. And surely it did. Unexpectedly, like a heavy rainfall it came straight down and soaked you to the last fiber. And left you momentarily breathless with the energy and sound. Waves.
The Australians surely had a long way to come here but it was well worth it. The concert was greatly enjoyable and for a support they managed to gather a nice and responsive crowd under the stage.


Concert started with a blasting trio of well-known and well received songs - Piano Fights, Crash Tactics, and Dance Dance Dance. Those very much drums-centered tracks with extreme musical energy swept everybody away and made the audience jump and freak out in an instant.
After that time came for a seemingly one-piece mix of very old and newest works from the band. It created a coherent passage of subsequent waves of silent lullabies and harsh guitar-and-drums cascades adorned with electronics and pulsating bass. The musicians, time after time, swayed the crowd with a dreamy melody on keys and synths only to pass violently into an instrumental inferno with fat low beats and then to calm down again. Masterfully they were building up the tension just to let it be released gradually. There was no real time to ponder on melancholic melodies and none to get tired jumping. But it was all in prefect harmony and with a slight space feeling, reminiscent of their previous, soundtrack album, Silent Running.
What stood out the most in this whole part were two songs: Prisms and Fix the Sky a Little. The first one for its distinguishing electro parts and the second for the unsettling broken-tape talk in the background, adding to track’s overall mood greatly.
The ending of the concert was set with another powerful trio. Whole crowd shouted along the small intro phrase ‘We will not retreat, this band is unstoppable’ and Retreat! Retreat! brought back the characteristic energetic vibe once again. Then, much appreciated Radio Protector met with probably the warmest welcome and it passed smoothly into the solemn Safe Passage from the latest album, Wild Light. After that, with many thanks, the band went off the stage.
The Brits didn’t make the audience wait long for their return for the short, one-song encore. And it was with great applause that the first notes of I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood sounded, and the fans were once again swept away with music.
After seeing them twice already before, I must admit I was expecting something different. The easily distinctive beginning and ending were the shoegaze that I knew them for. The middle, however, proved to be much more ambient in a way. Not that I mind though. That was a remarkably pleasant surprise.
So then, next time 65DAYSOFSTATIC are around – be sure to check them out!

1. Piano Fights
2. Crash Tactics
3. Dance Dance Dance
4. Install a Beak in the Heart That Clucks Time in Arabic
5. Prisms
6. The Undertow
7. Sleepwalk City
8. AOD
9. Fix the Sky a Little
10. Unmake the Wild Light
11. Taipei
12. Retreat! Retreat!
13. Radio Protector
14. Safe Passage

15. I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood
Translator: kantellis
Add date: 2013-10-22 / Live reports

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