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Agapesis - Mistress of blood

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Here’s a musical monster which was released by one of Danse Macabre sublabels. If this is how, according to honourable Herr Bruno Kramm, the dark independent stage should look like, then from now on I’m becoming a fan of old good country music. Saying that "one has absolutely no ear for music" will find reflection in case of Melanie, similarily as it comes to her loverboy. If I was In Her shoes, I wouldn’t expect a Carter of Madonna’s style. Jean-pierre attempts to sing in a pseudo-frightening way, while in fact it aounds simply ridiculous. The music itself has little in common with industrial. One could even call it a typical German ‘slaughter’. Each track is over 5 minutes of senseless chopping. In every second piece there’s a sam pled German vocal. Maybe it’s a sign that for the sake of music an absurd duo should get to real work - lecture German Philology at Belgian University, and if fetish style suits them so much, I recommend making career in a Bavarian low-budgetary nighttime cinema, as long as it’s far enough from the musical stage. "Mistress of blood" can only be suitable as a gift for the fiercest enemy or grinding for cheap watches manufacture.

01 Sexual Desire
02 Humanite’ Decadente
03 Similar Love
04 Ingesamt Zerstörung
05 Mistress of Blood
06 Demence et Suicide
07 Eyes Closed
08 Fetish Moment
09 Music is our Life
10 Agapesis
11 Blood Rites and Sacrifices
12 Enfants Soldats
13 Apocalypse
14 De la haine a la mort
Translator: Ankara
Add date: 2010-06-14 / Music reviews

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