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Alice In Videoland - A Million Thoughts and They’re All About You


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Back with their fourth studio album, electro-punk group Alice in Videoland has "A Million Thoughts And They’re All About You". Toril Lindqvist, Anders Alexander, Johan Dahlbom, and Martin Kenzo have picked up right where 2008’s She’s A Machine left off: unforgettable pop hooks, flirtatious vocals, and a jumping dance beat.
The album features nine brand new songs including the single Spaceship which has already hit the national charts in the band’s home country Sweden. Tracks like "Little Bird" and the incredibly sexy "Bender" show the band’s wide-ranging influences: Goldfrapp, The Presets, and The Birthday Massacre are all in there. The result: the self-proclaimed world’s greatest electropunkband proves that they are.

Released on Artoffact Records and available January 24th, 2011.


01. Take Me With You
02. Little Bird
03. Spaceship
04. Something New
05. In A Band
06. No Matter
07. Bender
08. Last Lover
09. Buffalo Stance
Author: Schizev
Translator: Schizev
Source: / 2010-10-20 / News

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Writen at: 2010-10-20 20:21:28
Przesłuchałam część albumu, brzmienie typowe dla zespołu, oczywiście w pozytywnym tego słowa znaczeniu. Na kastlu by się przydali ;)

Writen at: 2010-10-20 19:46:36
Coś tam wiedziałem, że mają wydawać ale nie miałem pojęcia, że tak szybko! <ślini się>