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Allflaws - Black Box Here After

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Enigmatic Bristol act Allflaws are emerging from the cryptic realms of the UK underbelly with a progressive and timely new album ‘Black Box Here After’. The LP is released off the back of the subversive single Replicant Breed which has already rendered itself deep into the consciousness of the UK underground.
The Allflaws essentia fronted by producer and vocalist Gabriel Curran has attained much subterranean kudos for the dark experimental beats and compositions laced with Curran's eloquent, astute and innovative wordplay. The new album ‘Black Box Here After’ reaffirms this claim. Intellectually blending industrial, hip hop, trip hop, electronica and old school dance sounds with inventive sociopolitical vocals that contain deep, powerful and cogent meaning. A radical and refreshing act who are certainly pushing the boundaries of contemporary music.


1. Replicant Breed
2. Ghost Of The System
3. Femme Fatale
4. The Great Manipulator
5. Night Crawlers
6. Evasion
7. Insidious Damn Machine
8. Perfect Torture
9. Utopia Calls
10. Obstinate
11. Figure Of Light
12. Acid Face
13. Escaping Sanity
14. A Spell In The Void
15. Prima Donna
16. Silently Seething
17. After The End
Author: Schizev
Translator: Schizev
Source: / 2009-09-26 / News

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