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Anathema - new, free mp3 download
Anathema have made available the second of their free downloads: "A Simple Mistake". The song is available here   On the official band website we can find the following announcement:

"This song is still a work in progress, but we feel it is right to release this version online, to give you an idea of some of the musical 'colors' we are painting in these days," Anathema comment.
"It is not the way of Anathema to go on repeating past successes. It is our intention to take the road less travelled and to push the boundaries of what we are doing with each new chapter in our career. We feel it is our duty to reach out for new ideas and new ways to express those ideas. The narrative of this song can be seen as a continuation and expansion of the themes expressed on 'everything'.
Letting go of the past and moving on is essential in order to live a more fulfilled life, and this song deals directly with this idea.It seems ironic that this song is developing an idea that a minority of our fans seem to be struggling with. The idea that as in life, we must learn from, and then let go of the past, so Anathema MUST develop and move and grow as a musical expression. Life is not about what has happened, but about what is going to happen. For this reason it only seems more fitting that this song should be released now. The evolution continues. We hope you enjoy this track. It will be played live at all our forthcoming shows and is dedicatated to anyone who seeks a better path in life, whomever they may be. More songs will be made available at our earliest opportunity.
Thank you for all the support you have shown us, we really do appreciate it.
In love and light ...

- Anathema"
Author: Snowflake
Translator: Snowflake
Source: / 2006-08-02 / News

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