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Antimatter - Legendary Mick Moss + Leafblade

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It is Tuesday 19.46, a little cold I go to Johnny Rocker, I`m thinking even if the concert sucks at last I will see the legendary club. The crowd in front of the entrance suprises me. All the standard tickets are sold, the people struggle for extra places. Following my good instinct I push my way ahead and I hear somebody``s "Sorry" behind my back, I know now that it is one of the musician. A moment of bustle around the stage, on which there are two chairs, cases, microphones, all of it in reflector of red lights. Suddenly I hear a loudly announcement of what will happen and after a moment Wojciech Tokarz from Label is standing by the microphone with a low and a little shy voice he announces the first star of the evening-- Leafblade. The public fell in silence.

It was the first time in my life I heard Leafblade. I don`t think I will hear them in the near future, although one song engraved on my memory. The song was "Dragonfly" performed by the great duo Sean Jude and Pete Gilchrist. Leafblade`s music is very personal, sentimental and touching. However, for me the tracks were too similar to each other. Sounding almost the same. I think, there creativity is more suitable for drinking in the bar than for a concert. But I must say they made a good impression on me because when I closed my eyes the emotional "Dragonfly" made my feelings hover high, high over the flover`s heads. And how was the performance from the technical aspect? Splendid guitars, two wonderful voices but what they were missing came after several minutes. And that was Antimatter, and they dug me in the Johnny Rocker`s floor.

The pause between the bands was really short. Michael Moss entered the stage and directly told a dirty joke. Quickly he made contact with the public which he entertained and then gave pleasing, verbal shivers.. When he hit the strings the air started to tremble and a Michael`s strong voice sang "The Last Laugh". The first song didn`t make me go into raptures but the following "In Stone", "Over Your Shoulder", and finally "Black Sun" made me, and I think not only me, hypnotized by the charismatic voice of Moss and the atmosphere in the clubhouse. The vocalist during the concert drank wine. It could be nothing special but for the first tme in my life I saw a musician drinking wine from glas at a concert. It is worth to mention that during the show the first voice of Antimatter was singing together with Pete Gilchrist. The vocalists perfectly match eath-other, the songs were full of charisma and emotions, a tension was rising and the public- sitting and standing as speechless. A moment later I heard from the stage " Working Class Hero" perfored by Mikael Moss making such a big impresssion on me that I hardly could breath. I listened attentively to the vibes spreading in the air. I was absolutely fascinated. After I listened to a whole serie of other songs like: "Everything You Know Is Wrong", "The Weigh Of The Young Man" and the brilliant "Angelic". It is hard to say if the songs were perfored technically good or bad because I don`t know much about this kind of music. But I do know that when Moss answered to the encore and entered the stage one more time and sang " Power Of Love", it is really something great, an incredible experience as well as an event.

All together the concert in my opinion was good. This because it was the first show I attended this year. More positive things? A big impression made on me first of all Michael Moss, although it was Pete Gilchrist, who for the whole concert absorbed my attention. Not because I thought of his physical attributes, more about his moves, sining and style. I wish every concert I go to will be such a nice surprise as this one. Another of the positive things was the high standard of the clubhouse which added to the atmosphere. A negative aspect were some people, who decided to start a discussion in the club. They were disturbing the rest of the listeners, who wanted to experience this special music.

Translator: Jowa
Add date: 2008-05-30 / Live reports

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