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Avarice In Audio - No Punishment : No Paradise
Avarice In Audio return after two years to deliver "No Punishment: No Paradise", their 3rd full length studio album. Once again showing conventional musical practices, this record has been built from the ground up, shunning the polish of previous works in favour of a more visceral, raw and unapologetic sound. Gerry’s devilish screaming has never sounded so good once paired with Ben’s stellar vocal range of Gregorian era chanting, punk rock style singing and his own screams in unison.
The songs this time around are much more "Australian" in style than ever, with synthpop style instrumentals meeting Lawrie and Ben’s skilled guitar work, both blending in grungy rhythms and soaring solos mixing in with the electronic layered production.

Featuring many collaborations "No Punishment: No Paradise" is undoubtedly harsher, dirtier and harder than any previous Avarice In Audio output so far, while still holding on to the band’s key sound characteristics including infectious synth melodies, vicious vocal dualities, groovy basslines, a modern electro production style and overall noir atmospheres. A true hypnotic tour de force of dark elektro industrial straight into your brain for the absolute sonic punishment before redemption…
Available from 6 April 2018 by Alfa Matrix.

1.Won’t Save You
2.Lie To Me
3.Wolves At The Door
4.Amplify (feat. Aesthetic Perfection)
5.Our Cold Hands
6.Ishtar Will Not Tire
7.Clothed In Sun
8.Kiss The Ring (feat. Psyclon Nine)
9.Playing Pretend
10.Suspending The Stars (feat. Blast Radius)
Author: hellium
Source: Alfa Matrix / 2018-03-30 / News

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