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Bleib Modern Live
Bleib Modern Live - Berlin, Urban Spree
Beginning: Saturday 2019-03-16 20:00
End: Saturday 2019-03-16 23:00
Entry fee: 14€
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Author: carpenterk
Category: Concert + party
Place:Germany, Berlin, Urban Spree (Revaler Str. 99 )
Direct Booking, El Borracho Bookings & HiMate present:

Bleib Modern
+ Support: Deadpan

Tickets: VVK: 11€ (zzgl. Gebühren) | AK: 14€

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There is no repose from the cathartic sounds from Bleib Modern – sounds that dredge up the darkest recesses of the heart with their ceaseless explorations around the personal and emotive responses to life.