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Blue Moon Festival #2

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We showed up in the club at 5PM sharp, just right at the time of opening the fest with an appearance of the first band on the stage. People started slowly to gather, the hall with the stage was still closed, so we decided to hang around and to contemplate the club itself.  The "Studio" club is meant for 1100 people, has quite a big yet weakly provided bar where absolutely everything had to be pour into plastic cups (even energetic drinks). I must admit that the prices were reasonable and decent and they must have came as a surprise for many people. Apart from that, "Studio" has two spacious halls meant for sitting or chilling out and quite large but stinky rest-rooms without any toilet paper... After opening the hall with the scene we were surprised by an enormous dance floor and not a tiny scene, as well as the auditorium for those who prefer watching than actively participating in the concert.

Soon after that, the first show started with Monstergod band. The public was still not numerous and kept away about five metres from the stage. Only some people twitched, the rest were listening, drinking beer or other cold drinks ;) As for me the concert was quite interesting, on decent level. I have never had an opportunity before to hear that band and I was favorably taken aback.

The next on the stage was SoundQ - more and more nummerable audience started boldly approaching the stage. It was the third show in the band's career. As far as stylistic is concerned, some did not like the sound, but to me it is very interesting and the most pleasant accent was a sensational voice of the vocalist. I consider their concert worth seeing alive, after all it was a shock that they sound as well on the concert as on the album.

The third band was D'Archangel. Now people bravely entertained themselves, the club was slowly filling. As usual the band gave quite good a concert on its standard level. The fourth and the last Polish band was Agonised by Love. Boys played for pretty large audience, unfortunately it was the weakest point in the whole festival. I direct the biggest accusation towards the vocalist who has an enormous difficulties with keeping up to the pitch what very unfavourably influences the general reception of their music. The most positive angle was joining to their team H_12 who rose to the occassion.

The nice and atypical element took place after that concert, namely the gothic fashion show by Diva Izazela. Four ladies and four men appeared on the stage despite the unfavorable conditions, got off lightly and the whole performance had a very positive tone. It was especially audible in the moment of entering the men when the squeak of all the women in the club was not especially hidden ;) The men's audience was more restrained although I am sure it has nothing in common with ladies being less ineteresting models.

After the performance, a little longer brake took place because of the installation on the stage of the forthcoming band. It was a perfect moment for check up of your make up, promote yourself posing to some pictures and smoking a cigarette. Soon Rotersand concert started. One could spot from the very beginning their professionalism and refinement on the scene and a splendid contact with the crowd (even the vocalist got into the crowd, jumping and entertaining with the fans). We had an opportunity of enjoying our senses with such hits as "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy", "Undone" or even "Almost Wasted". Rotersand pampered our as well with two ballads. When they got off the stage, the insatiable audience started chanting, what finally ended in two encores. To me the show was awesome, some even claim that Rotersand was better than the headliner yet I would not be so hasty in juxtaposing those two bands and their performances. Now we had the longest break to take a breath, sooth our sore throats with cold beer and get stronger for the event of the night.

About midnight Apoptygma Berzerk's gentlemen started to appear what has been once again fortified with female screams... The band warmed us up with "Eclipse", "Deep Red", "Kathy's Song", "In this Together" or "Unicorn". Even the newest, controversial album songs which has been boycott, met with an applause, people danced, jumped and twitched all over the club. Despite of the fact that the attendance was not staggering, they could not complain on the fans. The band was forced by long and loud chanting to give twice an encore although the exhaustion was more than visible they did not let us down and performed "Non - stop Violence", "Love Never Dies" and "Bitch". As far as my opinion is concerned, they should play "Cambodia", but it was one of my best concerts that I have ever participated in and for sure - very satisfactory. People focused also their attention on Trotula's visualisations that were co-existing throughout the whole festival, as well as during the After Party. Sometimes people paid more attention to the telebim than to the concerts. Trotula put an extra effort and worked through the fest without any break.

I melted after Apoptygma Berzerk and I was convinced than no power on this Earth could lift me up. But as soon as I heard the first sounds of Horrorist's "Metal Man", I jumped to my feet and ran on the dance floor - the After Party began. The set prepared by H_12 as usual knocked me off my feet. Evidently, people were exhausted and after all concerts many of them left the club and only a handful of maniacs left on the dance floor. And it was not a fault of a bad music!... Afterwards we heard sets by Electronaut, Frontman, Bagiennik and Agrax but many people including me could not dance more. The party was slowly coming to its end.
Security gently asked us to leave but we stood still in nummeralble group by the coatroom, saying goodbye to each other and exchanging our impressions when we finally were asked to leave out of the club.

Of course, the greatest thanks go to the boys from Blue Moon - Sławek and Łukasz, who together with their crew got the job well done. Everything was buttoned up and I am sure that many of us will remember the Blue Moon Fest for a long time. It is good to know that somewhere there still exist people who are able to mobilize. I hope that despite of embarrassing attendance, the boys will not give up and do their work because they do it in an astonishing manner!

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Add date: 2006-07-11 / Live reports

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