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Click Click - Those Nervous Surgeons

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After many years of silence, the British duo Click Click make a nod to their admirers by recording a new album. "Those Nervous Surgeons" is a big surprise, the more that no one expected these artists would ever return with a full-sized material.

Content of this release in the form of 10 tracks, is recorded almost with a reverence, when it comes to clarity of sound. Quality of tones is accompanied by distance to the surrounding world, spiced with a specific sense of humor.
The new release highlights the ubiquitous surveillance of the society by ruthless actions of government officials, who self-appointed themselves as demiurges, who are constituting about what is allowed and what is not. Not to mention the constant control via monitoring. It is an evident form of opposition from Click Click camp aimed at censorship.
Album is equipped in a varied intensity of musical passages that do not repeat themselves, just as vocal changes with every track, not resembling the way of singing that was performed in the preceding piece. These instrumental ones: "Passenger" and "The Warminster Detective" are an interesting testimony of musical skills of their creators.
There is something here in the spirit of a classical punk rock. Some listeners may detect paranoid - depressive atmosphere, because part of the texts both in terms of lyrical content and vocal, is definitely maniacally haunted.

Click Click are still in form, while presenting a psychedelic textures, the same as entering the industrial rhythm, supported by a classic electro sound. Valuable musical experience.

01. Passenger
02. Man in A Suit
03. Lock Them Up
04. Rats In My Bed
05. Factory
06. What Do You Want
07. The Warminster Detective
08. Burn
09. Drone
10. Keep Us Out Of The Way
Translator: hellium
Add date: 2014-10-30 / Music reviews

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