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Crippled Black Phoenix and Liquid Landscape in Gdańsk

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Two progressive rock bands arrived on May 10 to Gdańsk club B90: British Crippled Black Phoenix and Dutch A Liquid Landscape. The British supergroup has a large group of fans in Poland, so many people have long awaited this show.
The role of a support act on this evening  was played by A Liquid Landscape, an alternative/progressive rock group. The Dutch began their concert at 20:15 and immediately established ​​contact with the audience. They played songs from their debut album "Nightingale Express" and some of the material from the album which is just about to appear, among others: " The Largest Fire" and "Open Wounds". The listeners welcomed the 45-minute appearance warmly, and the group has made a nice gesture thanking not only the concert audience, but also the whole support crew. The Dutch group performed "The Secret Isle" at the end of their show.

Crippled Black Phoenix appeared on stage at 21:20, and the audience began to applaud spontaneously already during the first song. The British group was founded in 2004, under the leadership of Justin Greaves and now consists of 7 people. It is called a supergroup, because it has in its ranks several recognized musicians associated with the bands Iron Monkey, Gonga, Mogwai and Electric Wizard. Crippled Black Phoenix played in the Tri-City for the second time, the first time being in Sopot two years ago. Music critics have a problem with explicit classification of their music. Crippled Black Phoenix combines progressive rock with psychedelic, and even folk music. The artists themselves call their music "ballads of the end of the world". Stage decorations presented the figures wearing gas masks, which gave rise to associations with the themes of post–apocalyptic movies. In Gdansk, the band played songs from their latest album, released this year, "White Light Generator", as well as previous releases. During the 2.5-hour show one could hear among others the following songs: "We forgotten who we are" ("I, Vigilante"), "Jonestone Martin" ("No Sadness Or Farewell") or "NO!" and "Let's Have An Apocalypse Know" ("White Light Generator").

Exquisite sound system of club B90 allowed full communion with the amazing, powerful sound, complex compositions, and beautiful, melancholic melodies presented by Crippled Black Phoenix. During the show there was a warm and relaxed atmosphere, with the performers humorously teasing each other and  joking with the audience. Justin Greaves’ beard proved to be incompatible with a microphone, which amused the audience and the whole group. Despite the long duration, the show wasn’t wearisome, because a lot was happening on stage. For a few songs to the musicians invited a special guest - Belinda Kordic (Killing Mood). Although the main part of the Crippled Black Phoenix’ show lasted more than two hours, they played a lengthy and intensive encore. After playing "Burt Reynolds" the musicians left the stage, but the audience kept singing and the band reappeared to perform a few songs, and the evening was concluded by rock'n'roll version of the Italian song "Bella Ciao".
Crippled Black Phoenix' concert was a real treat for fans of ambitious sounds and another evening spent in B90 proved to be extremely successful. The club’s premises played with the apocalyptic ballads of Crippled Black Phoenix extremely well.
Translator: voigtkampff
Add date: 2014-05-13 / Live reports

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