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Crisis Actor - Slave New World
Crisis Actor, a project from David Thrussell (Snog/Black Lung) and Tony d'Oporto (Gnomes Of Kush/Gnome & Spybey) deliver the eagerly awaited debut full length album 'Slave New World' after two highly acclaimed digital single and EP releases.
A unified theory and bold statement of conspiracy as folklore and precognition. A breathy politic scream from the lower regions of the information substrata. A diverse, inclusive but concise statement of seismic discontent. A dance floor screed about the alchemical potential nested in universal surveillance.
Crisis Actor are a perfect combination of intelligent EBM with a techno approach and social commentary.
Available from 12 April 2017 by Ant-Zen.

01. electronic eye
02. superstar
03. the new dark age
04. death by selfie stick
05. bringer of war
06. the dissonant reality show
07. #pizzagate
08. atmosphere
09. tor
10. abramović
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Ant-Zen / 2017-04-11 / News

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