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Cyclic Law Night

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Piwnica 21 is a place that I've always associated with the highest class ambient. I only regret that the atmosphere does not always follow. After all the atmosphere is created by the people and they sometimes become more ambient than the music itself... I just wanted to say that it doesn't work for them. They stand still in a strange music agony. Perhaps that was only my impression when I entered the hall a bit late. I hope it was my mistake...The concert of the first artist - Gustaf Hildebrand -- had already been finished so I can't say much about it. Visions went unnoticed though I saw the concert. The music might not be innovatory, however, as one of the people told be during the concert, within the particular genre nothing new may be invented anymore. If we think that way, though, what's the point of making and creating by means of those unbelievable sounds? What about Lustmord? Or Cophnia? Of wonderful Raison D'Etre? Each of these have their own way, as Visions had theirs ... they hid somewhere in the transparency that you could only listen and you didn't need anything more. There are songs that elude into the background just like a harmonious entity. You love them for this quality like air: necessary though invisible. Some music pieces don't have that quality, though. Call me unfair, but the concert is a special way of artistic expression and for the genre I'm talking about is like fencing...

Visions had neither music nor images that would appeal my visions. Visualizations were interesting, but little inspiring, the motive didn't correspond to the music. I couldn't work out whether the world on the screen was dying or being given birth again. I know... It's often the same problem...The music has too much 'atmosphere' to it to stay in mind as the begging of new matter to create a new world of. Too shy to keep living in my head. It didn't follow my path which for me is marked by those worth remembering I remember the album of DWOLE "A Requiem of euphoric nihilism". An emptiness spelled in silence which carve into skin and infiltrate all via veins. The visions of Visions didn't touch me. I highlight though that it doesn't mean that Visions don't deserve applause. On the contrary...Still I had a sense of insufficiency. Sometimes such sense is like a short sight - you start valuing blindness when you want to look with your imagination and you use it hard when its too late...

Karjalan Sissit. I had to get up!!! It was for this very band that it was worth being there! Revelation! Something started going on! Hard industrial, intro of noizz, scream and echo permeating as if through snow storm! Homogeneity which instead of calming down smashed us by building up the tension. It was as if an untamed animal in a cage was going round and round to claw everything that comes its way the moment it sets itself free ...Listen up! I trembled! Even when the leader poured vodka ( quite good one, what a loss) on me I wasn't able to go away from the stage! It was strangely piercing, uncompromisingly hard music background to cool the blood in veins and make my head pulsate out of heat and lack of air at the same time.

Karjalan Sissit thrilled the audience mercilessly. Curses casted in the euphoria were given a pass that evenening. Louder and louder! Everything what was supposed to was pounding Shock! For this one and only project it was worth and necessary to be there! Their visualizations though incomparable to the music atmosphere got me off me feet by the contrast. Funny, what effect one may achieve by showing something totally different form the sound. The image and music do not cover the one matter of expression. It was the anxiety that was arising when I looked deeper into the images and the sound was still winning the game...
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Add date: 2006-10-24 / Live reports

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