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Dawn & Dusk Entwined - Cathedrales de Brume

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Dawn & Dusk Entwined keeps following its path since its debuts on World Serpent ten years ago till the recent albums on Cold Meat Industry, with the soundtrack of the sci-fi novel "Cathédrales de brume" by the French authors Oksana and Gil Prou. The novel is about some guy lost in space and havind an odyssei. It is written by the french duo Oksana and Gil Prou, who are interested in egitology, mathematics studies, neoplatonic philosophy and dark metal.
Of course new D&DE album isn’t a metal music.

This new album is not to be considered as an ordinary Dawn & Dusk Entwined new album, because it was composed under the inspiration of the novel and even keeps the same name.

Creating such a soundtrack allows more freedom to explore alternate musical fields and schemes, offering here a full instrumental album with often shorter tracks but also far more different and surprising atmospheres... It ranges from the recognizable D&DE trademark, martial and symphonic sound, to dark ambiant through lighter melodic pieces and onirical fantasies, and even some oriental or spacey sounds!
At the half of this piece there’re two the longest compositions: Le Hexastylis – very quiet spacey dark ambient and Soliloquium in splendor. After these there are short songs: Sophonisba (music DCD alike) and L’lle aux morts – the most memorable by the beautiful sound a cello and a background consisting of multiplied male vocal and powerful impact in the drums. Apart from new solo album of the Arcana's leader and the last publishing of Der Blaue Reiter Cathedral of Mists is another great album rising dark ambient genre to the rank of art.


01. Theme d’ Amaranth Heliaktor
02. Theme d’ Emmigraphys
03. Cathedrales de brume
04. Larmes
05. Les Hexastylis
06. Soliloquium in splendor
07. Sophonisba
08. L’lle aux morts
09. Le defile des vies
10. L’ultime cathedrale
Translator: mashenah
Add date: 2010-01-04 / Music reviews

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