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Daybehavior - Devil in Me

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Sometimes I wonder if Sweden has a monopoly for dream/synth pop. Here's another project from this country, not comparable to anything, extinguishing itself with its originality. Well... it sounds a bit like Bjork. Ok, but to the music. „Devil In Me” is MCD, including 6 tracks – 5 different versions of the title track and one track unpublished before [and later ;)]. The range of the band's interest is really vast: original version of „Devil” is a quite dynamic one, with languorous vocals and whispers. The next remixes are different. First the Midihead's Subconscious version, good for dancing, perfect to the dancefloor. System22 version is alike – strong beat and speed, clear bass. On the other hand Melodramatic Goodbye Mix and Extended version are calm, perfect to listen at home. The incredible vocalist is present on all tracks. If her voice may be described as “sexy', than it is sexy. The track „Human Kind”is an interesting one, it differs from the rest and it's more like trip-hop. In my opinion it's the best track on the whole album. I must admit that I feel insufficiency and I miss something on this album – perhaps more tracks like 'Human Kind”?... Whatever the cause is, the album presents a high quality and I include it in my cd collection with clear conscience.

1. Devil In Me
2. Devil In Me (Midihead's Subconscious Mix)
3. Human Kind
4. Devil In Me (System22 Mix)
5. Devil In Me (Melodramatic Goodbye Mix)
6. Devil In Me (Extended Dancemix)
Translator: Nihil
Add date: 2005-10-10 / Music reviews

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