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De/Vison + Das Moon + Janosch Moldau

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Exceeding speed limits established by law we are heading to the capital city, where just in a few hours a long awaited appearance of one of the biggest stars of the synth pop genre is going to take place. We are reaching the area belonging to the Military Technical Academy and, as the name suggests, the buildings seem reminiscent of the barracks. The setting encourages us to pick the aura of mystery out and adjusts to the mood of the evening. Searching eyes meet emerging "Progression" - the music club, which at first glance looks inconspicuous and where even the parking place seems as if it was waiting for us. There is no point in wasting time outside. Stamped while entering the club  (but why does this have to be the image of a long-eared dog?) we pass through the open door.
It is 19:00. Sound engineers for the umpteenth time are testing the sounding, honing even the smallest details to help us savour the pleasure of what is to come. There is still some time to rush towards the stall with a variety of  gadgets set neatly upon it. The entire panoply of music CDs allures our eyes, and we can even have a conversation in English. Pieces of information about the after show and signing CDs by the star have been received. It’s 19:30. Delicate sounds coming from the room make us to come into the hall. Janosch Moldau appears on stage and from the very beginning creates a mystical world dipped in the sophisticated sounds of electronic pop flavored with a pinch of melancholy. As an appetizer  this formation serves the song entitled "Bleed On" It is a peculiar signal for people huddling on the benches, hiding behind the pillars to fill the space behind the railings to wrap themselves up in a warm wave of sound. Another musical morsels such as " The Final Show", "My Love" or "Lovestar " and lively interaction of the band with the audience (toasts raised to our health). We not only accompany the singer, but also vigorously prove our enthusiasm time and time again rewarding the group with applause. Another support emerges from the darkness. 20:20 - Das Moon and the radical change in the direction of the industrial coldness. "Black Flag" arouses the enthusiasm of the crowd. It's a whole new dimension of flavor. Rough beats, synth sounds, cool unique drum sounds mixed with a jauntily steamy voice of Daisy K., elegantly decorated with the synchronous video projections, make up parts of a defiant and spicy style. The charismatic singer introduces a breath of fresh air to the room and even juggles with the audience’s emotional reactions  (not only men  are spellbound by her sexy, feline, graceful body motion). Further tracks: "Street", "Das Model", "Dream Me", "I like it" make us bob our heads and jive simultaneously. Here comes the moment of truth - no one doubts that, after such a music supports the level of expectation has reached its zenith. Time has passed like a whip shot and  the stage is seized by the star of the evening. The only one  performance in Poland within the tour "25 Years Best Of Tour 2013" and we are fortunate to attend it. Ladies and Gentlemen - the icing on the cake this evening  - De / Vision. Thunderous applause, appetizer - "Blue Moon" and we acquire the taste for specially prepared for this moment of feast for the senses. The carefully selected songs from all the albums do not leave anything to be desired  - It is an elegant music dinner so you cannot raise from the table earlier. "Try To Forget" -we sing together with the frontman, "Your Hands on My Skin," "I Regret", "Strange Affection" –  which neatly goes together with our wild dance, because it's a little embarrassing for us to allow Steffen Keth  to dance alone. "Foreigner", " Lonely Day", "Drifting Sideways", requests from the audience for "I'm Not Dreaming Of You" and the gatherings’ explosion of  joy. "The End", "Still Unknown", "Obsolete", "Rage", "Time To Be Alive " and unfortunately... too vigorous dance causes the recurrence of the injury of the spinal cord and it’s  high time for us to go back home. With a tear in my eye I look over my shoulder and leave the crowd of fans still captivated and mesmerized by the amazing show.
Translator: Wiewiorek
Add date: 2013-12-21 / Live reports

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