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Desert Mountain Tribe - Om Parvat Mystery
Establishing itself in the current psych-rock scene with the release of the debut 'Either That Or the Moon', the London based trio Desert Mountain Tribe has returned with 'Om Parvat Mystery'.

The new album is a captivating psychedelic rock work of art. 'Om Parvat Mystery' showcases Desert Mountain Tribe's progression in music and style, with a more refined touch and a natural development to a more experimental sound.
Available from 6 July 2018 by Metropolis Records.

01. It's All Good
02. Way Back To You
03. Wide Eyes
04. World
05. Spyders
06. High Drive
07. VII
08. Himalaya
09. Chemical Genius
Author: hellium
Source: Metropolis Records / 2018-07-04 / News

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