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Digital Angel

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Digital Angel
Digital Angel

Digital Angel
Digital Angel

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, electro, Gothic, Gothic Rock, synthpop


Band members:

Krzysztof STEFFAN Kmieć - vocals-lyrics
Krzysztof ALVAR Witos - programming- keyboard
Jacek JACA Romanowski - guitar
Krzysztof Tułecki - bass guitar
Piotr Szuba-Paszkiewicz - drums
Paweł Paszkiewicz - guitar


Digital Angel was founded in 2006 by Steffan (co-founder of synth-pop band d'Archangel, composer and lyrics writer).
Alvar (keyboards,programming) and Jaca (guitar) joined the band soon.
After 4 years of successful cooperation their debut album - "On The Side Of The Angels" was released by independed label Alchera Visions. It contains 12 songs. Release date - 13/09/2010.
Album is available here:
In 2011 Krzysztof (bass guitar) and in 2012 Piotr (drums) joined the band.