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Prometheus Burning - Displacement Disorder (2CD)
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Prometheus Burning - Displacement Disorder (2CD)

Prometheus Burning

Add date: 2010-07-23

Label: Augmented Records

Prometheus Burning - Displacement Disorder
1-1 Violator (v2)
1-2 Suffering In Silence
1-3 Mindbenders
1-4 Anonymous Death Threats
1-5 Unpleasant Presence
1-6 Flesh Addict (Nikki's Big Flapping Vagina Mix)
1-7 Victim Complex
1-8 Left Hand Down
1-9 The Ultimate Evil
1-10 Violator (Remixed By Imminent)
Remix - Imminent
1-13 October (Bonus Track)
Four Pi Movement - Murder In The RAW
2-1 Raining Ashes
2-2 Banishing Ritual
2-3 Flying Goat Eye
2-4 Gathering
2-5 The Shadow People Take Control
2-6 No One Can Hear You
2-7 Hairline Trigger
2-8 Without Reason Or Justification
2-9 CrazyGeorgeDotCom
2-10 Black Essence
2-11 Exiting The Spiral
2-12 The Beast Growls
2-22 The Bishop, The Duke, The Magistrate, The President (Bonus Track)