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E-tropolis Festival postponed!

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This info is sure and confirmed. E-topolis Festival has been postponed to 23.03.2013. Don't throw down one's arms though. This unexpected change is coming up roses.
Organizers have made their decision about postponing festival's date, because of extremely significant reason.
The original, September date collided with the earlier set tours' plans of few important and esteemed bands.
There was no way, for them to play in September on E-tropolis' stage, so no other way out left except postponing the whole event to March 2013.
But you can be sure - thanks to that E-tropolis Festival will be more powerful and full of amazing artists.
You don't need to worry about your already bought tickets. They are still valid for the March date! Another good news is that every one of already confirmed bands, agreed to play in March - no one cancelled their show!

For this moment line-up looks as follows:


For those who are inquiring - official message from organizers:

"Dear Electrofans,
we interrupt the present programme for an important announcement! As festival authorities just confirmed, the third E-tropolis Festival at the Columbia compound in Berlin has been postponed. Already bought tickets remain valid for the new date!

Initially scheduled for September 2012, the alternate date has been set to 23.03.2013. The postponement of the entire festival became necessary, after the original date collided with the agendas of various high-profile artists. In order to provide you with the strong musical line-up, the festival is acclaimed for, featuring the best of EBM, industrial, electro- and synthpop, we decided to pull the plug and to reconfigure the control board again, in order to gather up a diversified billing for the system re-boot in March. Finally we don´t need to hold back any longer, what will offer a total blast of electronic dance music!"

More bands and info soon!
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