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Editors - The Weight Of Your Love

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Sometimes when listening to an album I’ve got the impression that artists forget that the first impression doesn’t apply only to relationships between people but it influences the evaluation of the listened album as well. It is easy – if you can impress me from the very beginning, from the first second it is much better to listen to the whole.

Fortunately, Editors know that perfectly. Their latest album impresses from the first secondo to the last one. Honestly, it has been long time since I was impressed by an album so much. What is most striking as a whole is a perfect musical balance, simplicity, absolutely genius vocal and the meaning of lyrics. Editors prove that to create an ideal album you need only instruments, voice and good lyrics. You cannot find here any effects, modifications or additional stuff. Pure music. 

It’s hard to choose one track chich could be the main hit. This album is full of perfect hits.
Let’s start with "The Weight", in which from the very beginning, after introducing guitar sounds, the unusual voice of Thomas Smith is displayed, accompanied by clear drums and light guitar background. In terms of lyrics there is nothing original here, however particular lines can serve to get a woman’s heart:
"Every day I pray
I’m the first to go.
Without you I would be lost"
Pure romanticism. But it’s nothing in comparison to the next track.
"Sugar" and its chorus was proclaimed by my friends to be the most romantic lyrics ever. There’s no wonder – truly original lyrics sung with the accompaniment of clear bass and piano motif which creates the impression of lightness.
The track itself stuck in my head from the premiere day, it’s very haunting. We’re going faster with the promotional single – "A Ton Of Love". Is it the best choice? There are different opinions. Mine is that it is really good track and it would be even better played live. It brings to mind U2 but it’s rather a compliment. 
What could be a rock band’s album without a ballade? And here it is "What Is This Thing Called Love" and "Nothing". Yes, they are about unhappy love but they are not typical expressionless love songs. The first striking thing is Smith singing in high pitch sometimes coming back to normal one in "What Is This Thing Called Love". It creates an unusual effect and shows the capabilities of the vocalist. The second thing is perfectly composed string instruments creating intimate atmosphere.
"Honesty", which you can find between these two ballades is a little bit faster, but still it is better for swinging rather than jumping. And don’t hold it against me that I underline the genius of the vocal over again because it is extremely pleasurable to listen.
It’s time to go crazy a little bit, we’re listening to rock band, aren’t we? "Formaldehyde" is the next track, which I would love to hear live. Especially the lyrics are interesting, which is already suggested by the title.
I have no idea whether I interpret the lyrics correctly, but I have an impression that "Hyena" is poking journalists for every day bad news, lack of reliability etc. 
How many vocalists, who can form the whole track with their voice, do you know? I know a few including Thomas Smith. What this man does in "Two Hearted Spider" and "The Phone Book" is unbelievable. In the second track also the background is worth attention, quite unusual in comparison with the whole album.
My next favourite tracki s "Bird of Prey". Fantstically melodious one with amazingly exposed drums, everything with taste.
And two more tracks for the end, which are not distinctive, but they don’t diminish the quality of the whole either – "The Sting" and "Get low". Though the second one has its own character, mainly thanks to vocal.
As a bonus Editors prepared "Nothing" and "Hyena" in acoustic version.  The first one is a good choice but "Hyena" sounds strange unplugged. Surely, it makes me curious how the whole concert would sound unplugged.

And a little summing up: Editors – The Weight Of Your Love is for me the album of the year. The vocalist has got one of the best voices in the world, there is something with Smiths (Robert from The Cure) that they are lucky in terms of this talent. Editors prove that currently music is not loads of electronics but loads of talent.


01. The Weight
02. Sugar
03. A Ton of Love
04. What Is This Thing Called Love
05. Honesty
Translator: morrigan
Add date: 2014-12-19 / Music reviews

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