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Encephalon - We Only Love You When You're Dead
Encephalon returns with "We Only Love You When You're Dead" album which cements their position in the genre. After an eventful half-decade spent playing gigs, Encephalon comes back with release of stupendous, incredibly well-conceived music – a horror/sci-fi concept album of highest class, that unites the aggression of Front Line Assembly and 3TEETH, with the epicness of Sisters of Mercy!
The new opus continues to inspire and awe fans of cyberpunk industrial, while still drawing on the epic mixture of symphonic-metal, EBM, and, yes, Meatloaf, that we've all come to love.
Available from 13 October 2017 by Resurrection Records.


1. Limb From Limb
2. The Calvin Klein Of Slime
3. Never Bleed
4. Naraka
5. We Only Love You When You're Dead
6. Lunacy
7. In Plague
8. A Debt Of Flesh
9. Limb From Limb (Reprise)
10. What Part Of Me Dies

CD2 - Altered States II: Hell On Earth Baby
1. The Calvin Klein Of Slime (5AM Party Mix)
2. Naraka (Blister Pains)
3. Never Bleed (MiMemory)
4. Hell Come Home
5. The Calvin Klein Of Slime (Industrial Music Version)
6. The Island
7. Limb From Limb (Original Recipe)
8. Lunacy (Nova Spire Remix)
9. The Devil In My Microscope
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Resurrection Records / 2017-10-11 / News

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