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First Aid 4 Souls - Keep This World Empty
Veteran Hungarian artist István Gazdag has been active in the avant-garde electronic / industrial scene since the late 80’s with numerous and quite diversified releases on various labels under his belt and some amazing remix work for legendary bands like Coil, Soft Cell, Test. Dept., Cabaret Voltaire and Einstürzende Neubauten. In the last few years, he joined hands with US-based singer Mortum who brought a darker dimension through his harsher vocals and darker lyrics to their now common project First Aid 4 Souls.

Their new album "Keep This World Empty" is their most striking and achieved production to date. First of all, the entire album conception is based on the Russian contemporary novel "Ice" written by Vladimir Sorokin. Song after song, we follow the book’s awakening process, the emotional evolution shifting the mental levels of the human mind eventually influencing sensory perceptions and physical conditions. The album reflects the unavoidable collapse of our faulty human society that gets caught by an icy blast abruptly plunging the Earth into a frozen and rigid state where arts and values fade into oblivion, where the human snake ends up biting its own tail…

FA4S stands out as unique in their genre by always building strong conceptual musical art with no compromise and in constant relation with intellectual sources of influence. They design unpredictable and highly addictive electronic art for hearts & brains… They enjoy taking their audience by surprise, challenging ears and minds by mixing dense atmospheres and vicious dark melodies with powerful vocals, harder upbeat moments with a brutal edge and a hypnotic coldness. And it's no surprise that they are compared to such diverse bands as Skinny Puppy, Laibach, Clock Dva, Front Line Assembly, X-Marks The Pedwalk, Project Pitchfork!

Open your senses and let the ever-evolving project of First Aid 4 Souls feed you with icy old school Electronic Body Music with occult science behind. Uplifting! 
Available from 1 November 2019 by Alfa Matrix.

Keep This World Empty
Increased Sensory Perception 06:04
Your Social Skill Demised
Cold Frozen Arts 05:35
Eternity Will Never Remain
Verdict That Condemns
Good Men Don't Bleed Just Die [la horde]
Awaken Tomorrow
Mortal Birth [album edit]
The Wrong And Fault In Me
Phrase Fractal
False Devotion
Return To Me

Author: hellium
Source: Alfa Matrix / 2019-10-25 / News

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