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Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, electronic, industrial, J-rock


Band members:



In 2002,vocalist andro and guitarist n@o started band activity with the name "Euthanasie". At first, sound of Euthanasie was band sound which consisted by live instruments. In 2003, keyboardist #449 had joined, and sound of Euthanasie started to change to digital sound.
In that period, they had actived in gothic, new wave events in Tokyo mainly, and they made 3 mini albums independly.
In 2006, done 1st european tour (10 countries,16 gigs).

In Janurary, changed band name to Gothika. And the style of the sound started to change to european electro sound.
After the northern european tour (7 countries, 9 gigs) guitarist n@o left Gothika. In September, released the 1st full length album "120 Days of Sodom", at the same time, done 3rd european tour (13 countries,16 gigs). In December, additionally done 4th european tour (7 countries, 7 gigs) includes the gig in "Dark Dance Treffen".

In May, done 5th european tour (8 countries, 9 gigs). and played at the biggest gothic festival in the world "Wave Gothic Treffen",
name Gothika started to spread to all over the electro scene. After playing in "Summer Darkness" in August, they had contract with "Danse Macabre Rechords" which managed by Bruno Kramm from charismatic German gothic band  Das Ich and re-released "120 Days of Sodom" from Danse Macabre Rechords. In Octorber and November, done the biggest coupling Russian tour (19 gigs) with Das Ich, the field of activity became more bigger. Also in this year Gothika provided remix track to German artist Sara Noxx.

In May, done coupling French tour (4 gigs) with French electro band Tamtrum After this tour, they changed the basement place from Tokyo to Berlin. In July, played at Italian new wave festival "Fano Moonlight Festival", and got enthusiastic response from audience.
In September, done first Ukrinian tour (8 gigs). At 23rd Oct, released 2nd full length album "ZeitGeist".In Octorber and November, done the biggest Russian tour (27 gigs) again. After the Russian tour, played together with Das Ich in home city Tokyo.

In May, done Balkan tour (6 gigs) In June, Poland tour (3 gigs) In July, played in French gothic festival "Dark Castle festival". Electric drummer Ricky joined GOTHIKA as a Live member.

In October and November, they are planning big CIS tour.