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Hyoscyamus niger

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Hyoscyamus niger
Tomasz Sokołowski

Hyoscyamus niger
Hyoscyamus niger

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
cold wave


Band members:

Tomasz Sokolowski - vocal, programming
Bartosz Koprowski - bass

+ guests:
Marta Zaplotna
- keyboards
Pawel Szajkowski - vocal


A band formed in 2000 in Olawa, at first functioned under the name Sny Michala ("Michael's Dreams"). Throughout the years several musicians have joined and left the group, which had effect in a change of name each time. Finally, in 2003 SM turned into Hyoscyamus Niger and took part in Poznan Dark Festival.
Next year their first music CDs were released — "Demo 2004" and "Demo 2004+". The recorded material was presented by Piotr Kaczkowski on his radio show, MiniMax. The following years were spent on playing various concerts and festival performances. In the meantime, a single "Sen" ("Dream") and EP "Sen/W świecie pana Heina" ("Dream/In Mr Hein's World") appeared. In 2010 the group released their debut album "Czas" ("Time") which received a very positive review from Mick Mercer, a legendary gothic music newsman
Hyoscyamus Niger's shows are combinations of a typical music concert and elements of performance art.