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Ideal software to make VJ and DJ at the same time



Writen at: 2018-06-23 07:58:08

I'll explain what I wanted to do: I wanted to connect my DJ console (2 cdj 900 and mixer djm 900) to my Mac to play music videos directly instead of the normal ones audio tracks ....
This I saw that you can do with a very simple but not professional software called Virtual DJ ...
the point is that I was looking for a professional software to be sure that everything is not set up during an evening and to be able to better maneuver the projection ...
let me explain better:
example: I have a room where I have 3 white walls separated by pillars ... I would like that with the projector I do not project on the pillars but only on the white telling the software what form to give at the screening ....
or: I have a cube and I want to project it over ... then tell the software to distort the video by creating 2 oblique walls ...

For More Details:-
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