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Inertia – Deworlded

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A song that opens this album - "Deworld" is a warm welcome of a pulsating bass line, built with intriguing textures that pass in the intense and spherical dimension. It is invigorating, full of positive, growing energy.
After a truly good piece, which title is referring to the album, there are three consecutive tracks, that it would be better to pass over in silence.
It takes the disc a long time to be in full swing – but when "Feline Fantasy" starts, it is again curious and so it is to the end.
"Repeat & Follow"-already known from the single promoting this release, is filled with unusual energy. The lyrics are sung with an incredible commitment, combined with the accelerated pace of work, which causes an irresistible urge to be in it’s full possession.

Certainly "Alien" will stay in a memory for longer. Like a splinter in the sky, it is like a journey into another dimension. Filled with delicate, beautiful instrumentation, introduces to a completely new atmosphere. While listening to it, you may get the sensation of floating above the ground. Inertia shows that even a not complicated selection of sounds, combined with an interesting vocal layer, can captivate.
"Strange Familiar" is completely instrumental one, which can properly indignant the more hardcore fans of the Reza and Alexys Udhin B vocal duo. The issue remains whether it makes sense to place it between the "Alien" and "Gone," which will not let to sit still, because the very first tones will make you dance.
Another track on the album - "Fallout" has something of a climate from Klaus Schulze achievements. Trance sound captures the full surreal atmosphere of this release. Like a fleeting dream, it slowly becomes "Round and Round," which is filled by the dancing beat.
"Capture" is a truly good completion of this record.

As while listening to "Deworlded" an appetite is growing for more, there comes an end of the album.
From the first notes of this release you can feel professionalism.
There is no excess of particular elements, there is also nothing here that would not conform to the whole material, or particular tracks.
This album is well played and mixed. It is a material in which the industrial and ebm elements are well balanced.
Pacing guitars, bass lines sounding in the background can create a unique atmosphere that allows to begin dreaming.


01. Deworld
02. Anticulture
03. Feed
04. Feline Fantasy
05. Repeat & Follow
06. Alien
07. Strange Familiar
08. Gone
09. Fallout
10. Round and Round
11. Capture
Translator: hellium
Add date: 2011-09-09 / Music reviews

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