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Interview With Pete Finnemore From Grooving In Green

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After a successful time with Post Traumatic Stress album, Grooving In Green prepares the new album, Stranglehold, an album that shows the return to their particular sound Groove Goth. But what is coming? Well, we can listen a sampler version of a song named More News on Nothing, maybe the best sampler that they made for prepare our minds for the upcoming album that will be released on 5th October with Glory and Honour Records.
But what was the inspiration of the new album,what that they have been prepared for us? Well the band members can tell us more.

Hello Pete, first thanks for accepted the interview... Well, let’s start, for you what is the meaning of Grooving In Green?

Grooving In Green was a part homage to The March Violets and also a way to link the band to our previous offering Children On Stun. When I started both bands I had taken the names from March Violets songs that way the link would be there.

Ascent, Dirt and then Post Traumatic Stress, were you prepared for the success of Grooving In Green in Europe and some countries of America?

To be honest I was shocked and humbled by the success we have had. When you put music out having people behind it and enjoying it is the real measure of success. Hearing it played as a choice of someone or people dancing to your tunes they are the moments that make everything worthwhile.

The latest work as we know is Post Traumatic Stress, with special appearance of Tony Pettitt and Stephen Carey, for you, what was the most important thing to work with them?

The sheer talent of them, it is amazing working with people you admire and they are both amazing mucisians. Steve has such amazing vision and is a real inspiration. The good thing about us is that we are willing to try anything. This is especially evident on Stranglehold. Also it is important to thank Andy Jackson as well for the mastering on both albums.

Do you have something similar for the next studio album?

PF: We again worked with Steve and Andy but as we have developed our sound further since PTS. We pushed the boundaries further and Steve knew more how hard to push us, he knew we were up for anything.

Stranglehold, a name, a concept, why did you decide to chose this name, for something special?

PF: To be honest we liked the name 

Some months ago you released a track named More News On Nothing, with a hard sound, bitter lyrics and the particular groove sound, well the next album will contains something like that track?

PF: Stranglehold is a real mixture of tracks all the tracks are very varied, they have our sound but all show different facets of GIG. We try to write good catchy tunes it is more important to us than playing a particular way. If it works for the song we will do it.

Finally, do you have some plans for the future? Another studio album, a rare LP edition of Stranglehold?

PF: We are already writing songs for a new EP, we are also planning to release a single of remixes of More News mixed by friends in the industry. Firstly we are playing three dates in Germany as a release tour for the album

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us and especially to you for the interview
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