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Interview with Solar Fake

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Robert Mertuszka talks with Sven Friedrich, leader of Solar Fake, Zeraphine and Dreadful Shadows.


Robert Mertuszka: In what circumstances did the idea to establish Solar Fake occur?

Sven Friedrich:
I've been dreaming of creating an entirely electronic project for a long time. As you know I hanged about gothic rock stylistic and I'm mainly identified with it. But I love electronic music and that's why I've always tried to integrate elements of these two music formulas. Having published album of Zeraphine, Still, I decided to realise my own electronic project. I've wrote the songs, found a label, and that's how Solar Fake was born.

R.M.: You sing, you compose, you write lyrics and that's what I'd like to ask you about. Are there any fundamental differences between lyrics in your three bands?

S.F.: It's a tough question. In my opinion there aren't any significant differences between lyrics I write for Solar Fake or Zeraphine. I just want to show my emotions and feelings as accurate as possible. Writing lyrics for a specific band in which I sing would be very false and insincere. I live my life the way I do and I show it in my work, regardless the project in which they will performed in. With Zeraphine I perform in German more often. If we consider it as a difference then OK (laugh). I'd just like to add that I don't write for Dreadful Shadows anymore, the band practically doesn't exist and it's only form of activity are concerts given from time to time.

R.M.: You are probably very often asked which band is closest to your sensibility, or simply, to your heart.

S.F:. It's not that often, in fact I think it's the first anyone asked me about it (laugh). I write or used to write lyrics for all my bands, you know. I treat them as my own children, especially Solar Fake and Zeraphine. Of course these to projects differ and my work in them is completely different. I do everything myself in Solar Fake, there's 100% of me in this band. In Zeraphine there's 100% of me too (laugh), but there are also four instrumentalists, who bring their own ideas to the music of the group. I love both bands equally and I fulfill in them as an artist.

R.M.: So can we say that you have found your own way?

S.F.: Yes, without a doubt, but I still haven't reached the destination. I'm still on the road.

R.M.: Having read the opinions of experts on music and critics one may encounter a statement that Sven Friedrich is a rock outsider. Do you agree with that point of view?

S.F.:A rock outsider? I don't know, maybe I am (laugh). It may be the case that I don't follow the trends and try to be fashionable on purpose. I just do what I want.

R.M.:Let's talk about your music fascinations and artistic inspirations for a while.

I'll put it this way. I'm inspired by everything that I like to listen, read, watch, what enables me to "live" art individually in all of it's forms. I don't confine to one genre, I like many kinds of music. For example, there are bands that I love, but I'd never imitate them, it wouldn't be pleasant for me. There are times that I can pick out some elements from their music and transfer them to my work, but that's all.
I think that everyone have their own favorite bands and collect their records and many other odd things (laugh). In my opinion it is very important for a band, because it shows that people still follow something, that they still truly love music. It's a best way to show admiration and devotion to a band which one cherishes the most.

R.M.: It it true that The Cure is especially close to you?

S.F.: Yes! In fact I was brought up with music of The Cure. I may not have as big record collection as some people do..., but I own all of the bands CDs and vinyls. We've given a concert together with The Cure once - it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. It was in Berlin in 2005 - amazing experience, I remember every detail of that day. I listened to The Cure as a 12 year old and I still adore them. I have one especially precious single of The Cure, it is the first record that I bought with my own money. I brought it to the concert and Robert Smith signed it together with the rest of the band.. Extraordinary moment..

R.M.: I like The Cure a lot too…

S.F.: I know, I know - I didn't have to guess... (laugh).

R.M.: Let's leave our beloved The Cure, because we probably could go on like that for hours...

S.F.: For sure, but we may have an opportunity in the future (laugh)

R.M.: What annoys you about your fans?

S.F.: Nothing much really. Sometimes I think that they are a bit crazy, but generally a very nice bunch. We are in touch with them, particularly those crazy ones (laugh), through our fan club. They travel with us a lot, I even know some of them personally. The only unpleasant incident I remember took place in 2004, during or in fact after the gig we had together with HIM. A bit too crazy fans wrote some childish stuff on our discussion board. It wasn't very nice for me, but I don't want to talk about it, in time everything calmed down and went back to normal

R.M.: You seem to be a very happy man - you just keep smiling. How is it in reality?

S.F.: I think that I am very happy (laugh). It's like that because I do what I like to do. I've an opportunity to do what I like, and that's the most important element of happiness. I work very hard and some of my friends ask why am I doing it? Maybe they think that I went nuts (laugh). But this what I need the most. I'm working on new Zeraphine album at the moment. We started recording in January and since then I work 16 hours a day. But it makes me happy.

R.M.: In this connection when can we expect new material of Solar Fake?

S.F.: The date isn't yet fixed. I'll start writing new songs as soon as new album of Zeraphine comes out, so this June. I already have some ideas but I didn't have time to work on them. I can promise that I'll start writing new material for Solar Fake not later than July.

R.M.: On "Broken Grid", debut record of Solar Fake, there's an exquisite song - "Your Hell Is Here", why didn't you play it on todays concert? (conversation took place just after the concert of Solar Fake which took place on 1st of May 2010 in club Nostromo, Göerlitz)

S.F.: I also love that piece, it's very personal, but unfortunately, to bo honest, we thought that it's a bit too slow for today's audience. When I think about it now it could've been good to play this composition. As you know, we don't have many songs. That's why I want to start working on new material as soon as possible, so that we could have more pieces to play. I know that ending the concert after an hour and play the same songs for an encore is very frustrating for everyone. It will change soon (laugh).

R.M.: A traditional ending - what are your plans for the future.

S.F.: This Summer we'll play on two big festivals with Zeraphine: Wave Gotik Treffen and M'Era Luna Festival.. In Fall we set out for a promo tour of our newest album, Whiteout, but only in Germany. Towns in which we'll play nearest Poland are Leipzig and Berlin.

R.M.: We are waiting for you in Poland. Maybe the premiere of newest material of Solar Fake could take place in Wroclaw for instance?

S.F.: I'd like to play in Wroclaw some day and I'm sure that this concert will come into effect. And the premiere? We'll see, I can't deny it (laugh).

R.M.: Thanks for the interview.

S.F.: Thank you and regards to everyone in Poland.
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