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La Scaltra - The Third Eye
The whisper of spirits mingles with the singing of witches who reveal their self in the dark-graceful dance. Sadness, pain, longing become hope, waiting with a smug smile for the lost ones. And La Scaltra is the gateway there.

La Scaltra are on their journey - unadorned text passages meet lovely melodies and enchanting voices, Aeleth and Dae sing about pain, life, love, sometimes Dae's delicate voice suggests a sense of security, then the deep voice of Aeleth meets the heart. The hexal recipe of La Scaltra: Take cinematic and musical inspirations from several epochs to your own demons and the undestroyable belief in cosmic energies and the magic of nature and craft the Gloomy Witch Wave - gloomy-danceable and thoughtful Gothic Rock with sinister guitars and Wave elements - that's how it sounds when witches make music in the 21st century.
Available from 14 June 2019 by Resurrection Records.

01 The Incarnation of Karma
02 The Spell
03 So fine
04 Toxicated
05 The Sentinel's Lot
06 Love in one Hearse
07 Good Sinner
08 Rhythm of our dead Hearts
09 Church of B.
10 Burning
11 Undead
12 Imago Diaboli
Author: hellium
Source: Resurrection Records / 2019-06-08 / News

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