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MASCHINENgeSCHREI I was given a task to write a relation from that event. Strange task… Extraordinary because the event was extraordinary. Everything pulled out from its reality and put into a indescribable world. All that shall be told will fall apart, flee, but appears on my lips nevertheless. How can one expect words about something that’s breaking free from the context?How can one stand face to face with something that has no face?How can one pass the feelings that cannot be expressed on to you?Those who were there, who thought for a moment, know what I mean. Know that it’s impossible to pass that specific climate on, using words, to those who weren’t there. Just like you can’t explain the colours of the sun to someone born blind. Sometimes I regret I do have eyes all around my head, that not all of them can be curbed, because when I see something like that, I loose the control. I’ll try to put everything together.Am I too mysterious?I like being surprised. Supposedly, I was the only person ho didn’t know what to expect. Stupidity? No! lack of distance. I let my ignorance lead me, to not to loose anything I met there. It was worthy doing like that, but only because I knew it was going to be very different. Wonderful fort gave an opportunity to take us into austere, cold world, so different from over-exploited, long ago mulled over pubs. Hidden between the trees – even the view itself was impressing. The entrance – wide, hardly enlightened corridor led me further and further. The walls with tiny little lights and shadows of figures created a climate of mystery. The air was humid. Every next room was like another chapter of history, of what everyone there wanted to say about oneself, but not everybody could. And this is what’s so wonderful about it. Works of Marcin Witkorski should not stay dumb in our mind, that’s why I’d like to remind you once again the site: Take a look at the painting. Absolutely puzzling, breaking us into pieces. It is a long time since I’ve seen such a good work, touching me so strongly. Great means, extraordinary aim. I wouldn’t like to single out anybody, but I will never forget about JUDE. They were so really fantastic that I can’t even express that. A massacre tearing too sensitive souls into pieces. The visualisations of every single band were on a very high level, I would say better that Sieben. It doesn’t matter that it was something completely different – they were just boring. That single-person-project just passed unnoticed. But I have no doubt that such “different things” also are important. My congratulations to the organisers, despite little delays, I admire them for realising that event. I’m happy I’ve seen something that has no face. I’m happy there’s someone who wants to speak such a difficult language to people who freeze in the corners and that they want to be there. And now a trivial thing – those who weren’t there should regret. It was extraordinary, everywhere a soft aromat of sauerkraut stew.
Translator: Nathashah
Add date: 2005-10-09 / Live reports

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