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Novakill - I Hate God

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"I Hate God" is the third album in musical oeuvre of Australian duo called Novakill. Two previous ones – "Hard Tech for a Hard World" and "Kill Everyone" – collected quite good reviews but they didn’t create a sensation on the electro-industrial scene. However, Bonie and Sik had promised to come back with the best work in their career which should arouse the interest of Front 242 or Skinny Puppy fans. Has it actually happened? The title of the album is rather not sophisticated, clichéd so to speak. However, as they say "you can’t judge a book by the cover". Therefore, I was interested in the music layer presented by these two Dj’s from overseas. I admit the beginning is quite good. Brilliant "MISTAkENforGOD" and "DEMONIZER" sound promising. Catchy beats in the combination with full of expression vocal create really interesting blend. These tracks will surely suit the music tastes of old school admirers. "weWORK" and ‘kOMBAT" present the same music level as previous ones. Judging by the fine beginning I was encouraged to listen to the second portion of good electronic music. However, I was disappointed. The next tracks were dull. Startlingly similar to each other, simply boring. In my opinion, the crummiest track on the album is "INCISE". Definitely too long, the beginning drags on endlessly and it’s difficult to wait until the end. Quite surprising might be an interesting cover titled "SLEEPWALk" by Ultravox which was extremely popular in the 80s. Bonie and Sik mixed the spirit of the former decade, added some modern, electronic beats and that is how the great track came into existence which is to their credit. The album is closed by three remixes of the track "DEMONIZER" – pretty varied that is way they are an attractive closing of a history entitled "I Hate God". To sum up, the album didn’t dazzle me. It has some interesting moments however, in the majority its predictable and lacks the freshness. Comparing Novakill to classics like Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb is definitely premature. Boys are heading in the right direction but it might be that they lack own and unique style. Without it, they simply cannot stand out from the crowds of similar projects. I agree with a statement that it is the best album in their career but it is not enough to reverberate and meet the demands of the electronic scene.

01. Mistaken for God
02. Demonizer
03. We Work
04. Kombat
05. Exterminate
06. Crusade
07. Ultrakill
08. Incise
09. Sleepwalk
10. Blood Elektrik
11. Tera Death
12. Demonizer (Force-Fed Mix)
13. Demonzier (Deliberate Fury Mix)
14. Demonzier (Broken Bones Mix)
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Add date: 2011-07-11 / Music reviews

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