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Ollin (Juan R Leon i Radek Kordasiewicz)

Polska / USA

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Juan R Leon - bass guitar, flutes, Chapman Stick 
Radek Kordasiewicz - guitar, loops, synths, backgrounds


Ollin is a collaboration between Juan R Leon (from USA) and Radek Kordasiewicz (from Poland). It started in the late autumn 2005. In these days, the two members of the band get in touch within the use of internet. They were able to work with each other (then and now) only by sending e-mails due to the great distance between Poland and North America.
They've found their own, unique musical lnaguage while merging such influences as electronics, ambient, improvisation and progressive rock.
Ollin's music is a space of ambitious sounds, sounds from the areas of avantgarde and brave searchings that cross the borders of style. Simply it's the music for listeners that expect a lot.
The first period of Ollin's existence marks "Never Forget"- their first album, released in march 2007.