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Oniric - Cabaret Syndrome

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Oniric is an Italian duo,existing since 2005. Its members, Carlo De Filippo and GianVigo, after years of intensive tryings and live shows have finally broughtout their first album "Cabaret Syndrome". From the first time steps we can hear that the time spent on rehearsals was not wasted, contrary it brought really interesting results. "Cabaret Syndrome" is a solid dose of postapocayiptic- (neo)folk music, slightly bringing to mind works of Spiritual Front. However, Oniric has its own, precise style. Borrowings from classical music are very noticeable. Keyboards, synthesizers, piano, guitars, bass, drums andi vocals are mixing up together into one whole, creating a postapokalyptic cabaret, full of various emotions and feelings. The greatest taste is indeed ethereal voice of Simona Giusti, which makes this music advances the listener even stronger. "Cabaret Syndrome" is a truly successful debut, on which we will find all what's best in music described as postapocalyptic. Especially to take a liking to for those who love Spiritual Front, Argine and similar artists.


1. Once Upon a Time in the Cabaret
2. Blessing
3. Un Gris Bord
4. The Echos of The Sky
5. Leather Fire
6. Space Farewell
7. Ophelia's Portrait
8. L'Autre
9. Last Temptation Rescue
Translator: Ankara
Add date: 2010-06-28 / Music reviews

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